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Careers and Enterprise

Micro Internship Programme

Take part in a skills development programme with the opportunity to work on a short internship with a UK/International business, charity or social enterprise.

Micro Internship Programme

The Micro Internship Programme is a skills development programme with the opportunity to work on a short internship with a UK/ International business, charity or social enterprise.

The Micro Internship Programme gives you the opportunity to work for an employer on a flexible, part-time basis for 40 hours. Undergoing several training sessions, coaching and  face-to-face client meetings, this is a fantastic opportunity to gain work experience whilst receiving support from a Queen Mary supervisor.

How will this help you progress your career journey?

If you are looking to acquire experience, a micro-internship will enable you to develop soft and technical skills and an understanding of professional etiquette through working for an employer.  If you are exploring your career options, a micro internship allow you to experiment with a career idea or explore a new area with a projects that you can fit around your studies. Another benefit of a micro-internship is that you get greater insight into an employer’s perspective, which can help understand how to show your skills and experience more effectively in future job applications.

Eligibility and Commitment

Open to all Queen Mary students from the School of Mathematical Science and the School of Economics and Finance.

This programme equates to roughly 40 hours for internship work and additional time for training/ professional development. See below for an indicative timeline.

Please make sure you can commit to this time before applying.

How to Apply

All vacancies will be mailed to you by your school’s Employer Engagement and Internships Coordinator.

Contact Us

If you are interested or have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Programme Outline 

You will receive pre-work training from Careers and Enterprise staff around project management, professional communication and time management skills. You will have access to regular coaching meetings with a QMUL supervisor and a post-project debrief where you will learn how to apply this experience to your future applications and interviews.

What You Gain

  • The Micro Internship Programme will be listed on your digital transcript, the Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR)
  • You will receive references for future employment
  • Gain real-life work experience
  • Build interpersonal, time management & professional skills
  • Apply your knowledge gained in your studies to a real-life working environment.

Past Micro Interns say:

“I have increased my time management, responsibility and data analysis. I feel most proud of my time management skills.”


“It was very useful and will be good for my chances at a future job in my dream career.”


“It's been an amazing experience. I felt anxious after I was unable to get a traditional finance internship - however I now feel better equipped as I look to apply to grad schemes!”

Timeline Example Spring 2021

19th January 2021: Opportunities open for application via CV and Cover letter. Please apply for as many roles as you are interested in

4th - 18th February 2021: Interviews and appointment to projects for successful students

24th Feb 2021: Pre Micro Internship workshop (1 hr)

1st -31st March 2021: Project work; an average of 8 hours work per week over 5 weeks (with mid-point check in from your QM Consultant)

14th April 2021: Skills debrief “Maximising your micro-internship experience” (1 hr)

30th April: Deadline for submission of journals for HEAR

Placement: Location: Off campus