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Showcase your skills and experience effectively when applying for jobs/further study, or launching an enterprise idea, to gain the opportunities you want.

What does it mean to showcase your skills and experience?

When you apply for a graduate job, freelance opportunity or further study, the application process requires you to showcase your skills and experience to the employer or course provider in order for them to work out if you are a good candidate.

You can demonstrate how your skills and experience make you a good candidate in many different ways, such as how you write your CV, present yourself on LinkedIn and answer interview questions.

As an entrepreneur you will need to showcase your entrepreneurial skills and mindset. You can do this by launching your enterprise idea, participating in entrepreneurial competitions or pitching for investment to take your idea to the next level.

How can I showcase my skills and experience effectively?

We have strongly recommended below the services which focus primarily on helping you showcase your skills and experiences. The other services listed as ‘take a look’ and ‘might be useful’ may help you showcase your skills and experience but are geared more towards other stages of the career journey.

Showcase services

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Upload your CV and receive tailored feedback, or build a new CV from scratch so you can make a strong application to work/study opportunities. 

Been invited to an interview? Book a practice one to find out how best to demonstrate relevant skills and experiences. 

Answer practice interview questions online and receive tailored feedback, so you can be prepared for video interviews in a job selection process. 

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Use our practice psychometric test software to prepare for psychometric tests in the job selection process. 

Have a look at career events and workshops that will help you make strong job applications and prepare for interviews, assessment centres and psychometric tests.

Get feedback on your job, further study, speculative application or LinkedIn profile at an Application Appointment.

Advice and information for Showcase

Networking advice

Build your network

Application advice

Application Advice

Interview advice

Practice Interviews

Assessment centres

Assessment centres
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