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If you are in the Explore stage, you are considering what career you may want to pursue after graduation and what roles and opportunities are available for graduates.

What does it mean to explore my career options?

Exploring your career options involves identifying your own career preferences, values, skills, strengths and what you want out of your working life. It is also about investigating what jobs exist, including freelancing opportunities and running your own business or social enterprise. This process of exploration helps you to work out what you might like to do.

Do I have to explore my career options before I acquire experience?

Not necessarily. Experience of any kind can help you to test out a particular career option and understand more about what you want out of your working life. As long as you explore your options and acquire experience while at university, the order in which you do them doesn’t really matter.

How can I explore my career options?

We have strongly recommended below the services which focus primarily on helping you explore career options. The other services listed as ‘take a look’ may help you explore your career options but are geared more towards other stages of the career journey.

Services for Explore career options

Using your QM Careers Hub, click the ‘Pathways’ tab to explore careers related to your degree.

Using your QM Careers Hub, click the ‘Career Discovery’ tab to expand your career options with customised content.

Employer event

Attend Careers Fairs to find out more about the range of industries and graduate roles available.

Students sat around table and working together

Gain insight into different companies and roles to discover what’s out there and what might suit you.

Experiment with a career idea or explore a new area through a 40 hour project with a business/ charity that is part-time, to fit around your studies.

Student in an appointment

Discuss your career options with a careers consultant during a one-to-one appointment. 

Explore career ideas with a mentor from the Queen Mary alumni community or a UK-based professional. 

Students speaking at an event

Attend one of our enterprise activities that will help you discover if starting an enterprise is for you. 

Advice and information for Explore career options

Our industry guides

Explore your options

Explore your options

Global opportunities

Global opportunities
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