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Transition towards your next steps, whether you are about to go into your summer internship or industrial placement year; finished your study abroad year or completed your degree, you are going to be transitioning from one step to another. The transition will be individual to you and will change based on where you are in your journey.

Do some self-reflection

Skills mapping exercise


  • For students returning from your summer internship, study abroad placement, industrial placement year; record your activity on to your HEAR.
  • If you are a graduating student or graduate gain access to your HEAR transcript.

To find out more about the HEAR, please click here.

Gaining support from your professional networks

  • Reach out to alumni and mentors to hear lived experiences and gain advice. Register for our QM Network to access our alumni and potential mentors.
  • Get in touch with employers to help you transition into the ‘world of work’ and understand their organisational culture.
  • Speak to your Academic Advisor / Personal Tutor to reflect on the experience you gained or know what to expect when coming back to your studies.
  • Contact prospective universities to gain support with your transition into further study.

QM Careers Hub resources

QM Careers Hub has a range of different resources which can help you with transitioning towards your next steps. Topics include: -

  • Disability
  • How to become an entrepreneur
  • Motivation
  • Professionalism
  • Wellbeing

To find out further information click onto your ‘Career Discovery’ and type the relevant topic in the search bar.


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