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Transition towards your next steps in your career journey

What does it mean to transition in your career?

Transitions will happen at multiple points in your university journey. For example:

  • Moving from one year of study to the next
  • Beginning a summer internship
  • Undertaking a year abroad or industrial placement
  • Graduating and finding work
  • Progressing to further study
  • Starting your own business
  • Going back to your career full-time
  • Looking for a promotion and preparing for a new role


How can I transition effectively?

To support your career transition, you can:

  • Develop a mindset that embraces change and is resilient to an evolving journey.
  • Reflect on your experience and identify gaps in your knowledge.
  • See what Top Ten skills employers are looking for.
  • Use QM Careers Hub to fill those gaps and develop your skills.
  • Utilise networks effectively to support your next steps.


Services to help Transition in your career

Speak to one of our alumni volunteers to support your career transition.

Student in an appointment

Discuss your career transition with a careers consultant during a one-to-one appointment.

Employer event

Attend careers events to network and gain confidence as you transition to your next career step.

Advice and Information to Transition towards your next steps

QM Careers Hub

QM Careers Hub


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