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Prepare for interviews and assessment centres

Interviews are an opportunity to explain your skills and experience to demonstrate you have the ability to perform well in the role.

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Use to practice answering questions from 50+ online interviews to develop your interview skills and confidence.

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Browse our resources to help you in your interview.

If you have been invited to take an interview by an employer or for further study, book a practice session.

Graduates First

Use the Question Identifier Tool to prepare for interviews. It identifies the questions that are most likely to be asked and suggests answers based on the job you are applying for. You can also practice online with the Video Interview tool – it includes feedback on your facial expression and provides possible answers and approaches to common interview questions. 

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During an interview, the employer will ask a series of questions to find out more about you to decide whether you will be suitable for the role they’re looking to fill. Usually they do this by asking for examples of a time when you have used a particular skill that they are looking for. Preparing examples and using the STAR technique to structure your answers are our top tips for success. 

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