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Prepare for interviews and assessment centres

Your interview answers are your opportunity to explain your abilities and provide evidence to prove you have the ability to perform well in the role.

Careers consultant speaking to a student

Book to have a practice interview with one of our careers consultants.

Student reading a computer screen

Browse 7000+ interview questions and review your performance.

Student searching on a computer

Browse the career discovery library for resources to help you in your interview.

Video Interview Practice is a platform to help you gain practical experience of video interviewing with the option to record and review your responses to common interview questions in real time. You will need to register for a new account, by selecting QMUL from the list of institutions.

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Graduates First

You can use this resource to help you prepare for your upcoming interview. The Question Identifier Tool helps you identify the questions that are most likely to come up in your interview, and suggests answers based on the job you are applying for. You can also practice online with the Video Interview tool – it includes feedback on your facial expression and provides possible answers and approaches to common interview questions. 

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