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Careers and Enterprise


EAST is the Queen Mary student career journey, and is designed to help you prepare for life after graduation, whether that be work, study, or launching an enterprise.

EAST consists of four stages: Explore career options, Acquire experience, Show your skills and experience and Tell your stories. You don’t have to go through the stages in one particular order, and may spend time moving back and forth between the stages while at university.

For example, you might acquire experience before exploring your options, or you might acquire experience for your chosen career but then change your mind and decide to explore your options again. The order isn’t important, the important thing is that you engage with Exploring career options, Acquiring Experience and Showing your skills and experience  whilst at university.

Which stage am I in?

Below are the four career stages, what they may involve, and how we can help you navigate them. If you already know what stage you are in, start looking at opportunities and activities you can usefully engage with by selecting the relevant stage below. If you are not sure where you are in your career journey at the moment, take our quick and easy stage selector to find out!

What career stage am I?


Explore career options

Investigate what career you might want to do, through finding out about your career preferences and what roles  and opportunities are out there for graduates, including self-employment and running your own business or social enterprise.

Acquire experience

Secure or create opportunities to gain experience to help you refine your career ideas and stand out in future applications. Develop your entrepreneurial skill set or test your idea if you are interested in starting your own business or social enterprise.

Show your skills and experience

Show your skills and experience effectively in the application process for jobs or study after graduation, to gain the opportunity you want. If you are an entrepreneur, pitch your business idea or launch your enterprise to take it to the next level.
Student talking to member of staff on campus

Tell your stories

Give back to the student community at Queen Mary by sharing your stories of choosing a career, gaining experience, securing a graduate job/further study or of your entrepreneurial journey. This can encourage other students to overcome challenges and realise their aspirations, whilst also giving you something you can add to your CV.