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Careers and Enterprise


EAST is the Queen Mary student career journey, and is designed to help you prepare for life after graduation, whether that be work, study, or launching an enterprise.

EAST consists of four stages:

  1. Explore career options
  2. Acquire experience
  3. Showcase your skills and experience
  4. Transition towards your next steps.

You can go through the stages in any order and will probably move back and forth between stages during your time at university. For example, you might Acquire experience before exploring options, or perhaps you acquire experience and as a result, change your career ideas and decide to explore your options again.

Our data shows that students in their final year who are in the later stages of their career journey are more likely to find a graduate level role. Use the quiz below to find out which stage you are in and which activities you can get involved with to progress to the next stage. 

Which stage am I in?

Below is an outline of each of the four career stages, with information about the various activities which will be most useful at your career stage. Get started by selecting on or the stages below or take our career stage quiz below.


Woman showing student a careers information guide

Explore career options

Discover what options interest you, consider your interests and values, and learn what opportunities are available to you. As well as employment, consider further study, self employment or starting your own business.
Students presenting work on flipchart paper

Acquire experience

Gain experience or create your own opportunities to help you develop your skills, refine your career ideas, and stand out in future applications.

Showcase your skills and experience

Showcase your skills and experience on applications and at interview to convince employers of your ability to carry out the role effectively. If you are an entrepreneur, pitch your business idea or launch your business.
Student talking to member of staff on campus

Transition towards your next steps

As a student or new graduate, make full use of our resources so you can successfully transition on to your next step. Complete a case study or attend an alumni event to inspire future students with your story.
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