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Recruit a student or graduate

Students at top of grad centre with city backdropEngaging a current student or a recent graduate from QMUL can bring enormous advantages to your business.

Whether you are looking for a short-term hire or to one of our exceptional recent graduates into a permanent position, advertising an opportunity with us is quick, easy and free! Follow the link below to register an opportunity.

Advertise an opportunity 

QTemps has access to thousands of current students and recent graduates ready for work in a wide range of industries and occupations: from admin and catering assistants to scientific research and web development.

For businesses wanting to hire students and alumni on a temporary contract – the process is simple. QTemps offers a personalised and tailored service ran by our dedicated careers department. Full transparency of Worker's Pay, along with the mandatory employment costs (e.g. holiday pay, National Insurance and pension), is provided across the system at a low cost margin (9%).

Workers submit timesheets online each week for you to approve and the appropriate department/organisation is charged for the hours used.

Our partner, Keystone Employment Group, complete and report on all compliance issues, such as: Identity checks, Eligibility, Equal Opportunities and provide a HMRC compliant payroll service.

For further details, please contact 020 7882 6151 or

QInterns places QMUL students and recent graduates into internships within start-ups, SMEs, larger organisations and charities. Our dedicated Internships Coordinators will market your role to relevant students, sift applications and can even help create your job description if needed. This service is completely free of charge.

Taking on an intern represents an opportunity to:

  • Test out a potential future employee
  • Get an extra pair of hands to fill a short-term skills gap
  • Help the next generation of your industry

Summer internships

Typically 2-4 months during the summer break. Hire your intern on a full-time or part-time basis

Micro internships

Take on an intern during term time, for a limited number of hours per week (typically 7-10). Find out more about our Micro-Internships programme.

Graduate internships

Hire one our recent graduates, any time of year, full-time or part-time

Work shadowing

Provide a taste of your working environment for 1-3 days

Start-ups, SMEs and charities are normally eligible to receive a wage subsidy, thus reducing your costs significantly.

Please call 020 7882 8543 or email to find out more.

I am over the moon with my placement, I am learning lots. The placement has reinforced my interest in aerospace”  - Space Laser intern 

"This experience not only helped me to add employability skills to my CV, but it made me realise that marketing and communication are the best fit for me for a career option" - Marketing intern

The placement has exceeded my expectations. Before the placement I had no idea what I want to do after graduation, now I know I want to go into the Finance sector” - Credit Risk intern

Advertising vacancies is free and easy, it gives you direct access to our talent pool of current students and recent graduates.

You can advertise a variety of roles including:

  • Graduate opportunities
  • Short-term contracts and projects
  • Part-time temporary work
  • Graduate training schemes
  • Graduate level opportunities
  • Graduate internships

Please note that opportunities must offer at least minimum wage unless they fall under a relevant exemption (see our policy here), should not charge candidates (see our policy here) and should generally comply with our terms and conditions (found here).

For further information and instructions about advertising vacancies, please download our Employer Vacancies Helpsheet - Queen Mary [PDF 144KB].

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