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Hire a temp

QTemps has access to thousands of current students and recent graduates ready for work in a wide range of industries and occupations: from admin and catering assistants to scientific research and web development.

For businesses wanting to hire students and alumni on a temporary contract – the process is simple. QTemps offers a personalised and tailored service ran by our dedicated careers department. Full transparency of Worker's Pay, along with the mandatory employment costs (e.g. holiday pay, National Insurance and pension), is provided across the system at a low cost margin (9%).

Workers submit timesheets online each week for you to approve and the appropriate department/organisation is charged for the hours used.

Our partner, Keystone Employment Group, complete and report on all compliance issues, such as: Identity checks, Eligibility, Equal Opportunities and provide a HMRC compliant payroll service.

For further details, please contact 020 7882 6151 or

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