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Find jobs and work experience

There are many ways to find a job. Using a variety of different methods in your search will improve your chances of success.

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Have a look at our jobs board to see what roles you may be interested in or perhaps never even heard of.

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Browse the Career Discovery feed for articles, videos, podcasts and more on how to find jobs and experience. 

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If you are not finding the jobs you are interested in or aren't getting a response from recruiters, book an appointment with us. 

Different industries recruit in different ways, so before you start, find out what the best job hunting methods are for the roles you are interested in. Find out by using our industry guides, see Prospects' job profiles, and ask people in the industry at careers events or through online networking how they recruit.

A common job hunting mistake is to look for roles, when you don’t really know what to do. Taking time to write fewer quality applications is the most successful approach. See our making career choices and book an appointment to explore your options.

If you are just looking to get some work experience then why not check out our Part-time jobs guide [PDF 92KB].

Up to 60% of jobs never get advertised. Contacting employers directly to ask about work opportunities can be an effective method of getting work. Success levels are even greater is you have already built up contact with the organisation through networking.

Whilst you are job hunting, look at job descriptions for roles you are interested in to see what skills employers are looking for. Are there ways that you can develop these skills and experience in the meantime to improve your chance of success in the future? Create your own work experience through volunteering, starting a blog, or taking a course, for example.

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