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Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week returns in the third week of November and it is the world's largest entrepreneurship festival, celebrated in 180 countries.

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a collection of tens of thousands of events, activities and competitions to celebrate and empower entrepreneurs in every country and community across the world – especially inspiring to those who want to explore their potential as an entrepreneur while fostering connections and increasing collaboration within their ecosystems.

Here at Queen Mary, we will be celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week by telling the stories of successful entrepreneurs with links to the university. You can read all about them below!

Jorge del Bosque

Jorge del Bosque

Jorge is the founder of Nanu, an AI-powered platform that upskills leaders and teams in the flow of work
An image of Sophie Eleni, founder of The Bookshop

Sophia Eleni

Sophia is the founder of The Bookshop, a self-publishing marketplace for authors looking to mint their books as NFTs.
A photo of Judith Omoregie, co-founder of e-fitter

Judith Omoregie

Judith is the Co-Founder at efitter, a fashion tech start-up personalising the shopping experience for millennial women.
An image of Philip Beck, co-founder of DropDesk

Philip Beck

Philip Beck is one of the founders of DropDesk, a cloud platform designed to make the most of office space.
An image of Felicia Brown, Founder of Our Maison

Felicia Brown

Felicia is the Creative Director of Our Maison, a global platform with the purpose of amplifying designers of Afro-Caribbean heritage.
An image of Luxia Broadbent, employee at Materials Nexus

Luxia Broadbent

Luxia works at Materials Nexus, a deep-tech startup discovering new sustainable materials using AI.
An image of Sarah Bailey, co-founder of Even

Sarah Bailey

Sarah is one of the co-founders of Even, which creates low-cost period underwear for the humanitarian sector. 
An image of Rajesh Vaishnav, co-founder of Law Seek O

Rajesh Vaishnav

Rajesh is one of the founders of Law-Seek-O, a company working to develop a user-friendly AI bot that simplifies legal concepts and connects users with various legal services.
An image of Josh Reiss, Professor of Audio Engineering at Queen Mary and start-up founder

Josh Reiss

Josh is the co-founder of four different audio engineering companies, as well as being a Professor of Audio Engineering at Queen Mary.
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