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QHack is a high-energy, fun, intensive in-person bootcamp, which gives you opportunities to learn how to get businesses off the ground, meet entrepreneurial students, network with mentors and experts and, quite possibly by the end of it launch your own business!

What will you gain?

  • By participating in QHack, you will learn and consolidate a whole range of skills, from idea generation and selection to getting out of the building and talking to customers; from developing a sound pitch deck to giving a brilliant pitch and working with a team. 
  • You will be also working with mentors to help you refine your idea. These are all people from the industry - what a great chance to network too!
  • If you are looking for a co-founder for your business, this is the perfect environment to potentially meet that special someone that has the grit and enthusiasm to take an entrepreneurial venture to the next level.
  • QHack is eligible to be listed on your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR), meaning you can leave QMUL with a more enhanced HEAR. The HEAR shows employers an overview of everything you have gained from your time at Queen Mary – a breakdown of modules and marks, and a way to have all your extracurricular activity officially authorised. 


  • Our next QHack will be during Spring term 2023. Applications open on 1st February 2023 and closes 19th February 2023.


I learnt a lot regarding starting up a business during QHack. I picked up and improved on skills that are vital for successfully building a business.
— Muhammadtaki Hooda, School of Engineering and Materials Science

Day 1: Create and Connect

You meet your new co-founders, generate ideas, form teams, and start work on your business model.

Day 2 : Develop your business idea

You get to work on your business idea as a team and focus on the market and customers.

Day 3: Refine, Mentoring and Pitch 

You come back and discuss your customers' findings. You get trained on creating a pitch deck and pitching. Besides, you will network and get some feedback from our mentors.

You pitch in front of a panel of expert judges, win prizes and celebrate your achievements!

You will need your team spirit, your enthusiasm and your creativity!

This course is for QMUL students and graduates who are new to entrepreneurship and would like to set up their own company or social enterprise.

  • You don't have an idea (and it is ok). You will be working in teams on someone else's idea but you will still learn about the principles of validating and pitching a business idea.
  • Or you have an idea but not sure where to start. Perfect opportunity to get feedback and different perspectives on your business idea.

But the main objective is you want to develop your innovative mindset and entrepreneurial skills.

This round of QHack will run between Friday 3rd March 2023 and Sunday 5th March 2023.

Deadline to apply: 19th February 2023



We encourage you to book an Enterprise appointment to get your application reviewed before sending it to us!

Any questions, please email us 

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