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Rajesh Vaishnav

Read about Rajesh's journey from studying at Queen Mary to becoming a successful entrepreneur.


Can you provide a brief introduction about yourself and your current business?  

I'm Rajesh Vaishnav, a graduate with a Master's in IP Law from Queen Mary University of London. I'm currently working with SeedLegals, a dynamic company assisting with start-up fundraising. During my time at the university, I collaborated with a talented group from qLegal on a project aimed at making legal services accessible to professionals in the creative industry. Since then, I've been on a journey, exploring various avenues and partnerships to make legal solutions more available and accessible to everyone. Recently, I've teamed up with two highly skilled tech entrepreneurs, and we're working on developing a chatbot that simplifies legal information tailored to each user. We're building an ecosystem that empowers users to access a wide range of legal support with ease. 

How did you conceive this idea, and what problem does it address?  

While I explored multiple iterations, my co-founders, Harsh and Praj, both from QMUL, shared a strong interest in legal technology and accessible legal tech solutions. By leveraging our complementary strengths, we are working together to create an experience that helps users make informed decisions in finding legal assistance that suits their needs. We underwent multiple iterations and experimented with language models before finalizing our current solution, LawSeek-O. Our goal is to establish an ecosystem with a user-friendly AI bot that simplifies legal concepts, enhances understanding, and connects users with various legal services. We aim to address two common challenges in the legal domain: accessibility and legal jargon. To strike a balance between design and credibility, we've partnered with Experience Haus and receive continuous guidance from Dr. Michaela MacDonald, who has made valuable contributions to our journey. 


What inspired you to pursue entrepreneurship during or after your education at QMUL?  

My time at university played a crucial role in igniting my entrepreneurial spirit. From brainstorming different solutions at qLegal to engaging with Dr. MacDonald, I've gained invaluable experiences along the way. I've gone from overcoming my fear of public speaking to mastering design thinking, and I believe I've come a long way. Queen Mary provided the necessary environment and opportunities for me to learn and grow. Amit and Dr. Michaela have been instrumental in their continuous support, believing in me and investing their time in teaching and inspiring me at every step. Entrepreneurship, to me, has become a continuous learning cycle where failures are inevitable but serve as valuable lessons. 


What were your initial goals, and how did they evolve over time?  
Our initial goal was to harness the potential of AI to provide accessible legal solutions. We started by building a search engine to assist with legal queries but soon realized the need for a more comprehensive ecosystem. Through engagement with various stakeholders and continuous refinement, we arrived at our current iteration, striking a balance between simplicity and credibility. 


How do you cope with fear and doubt?  
I firmly believe that persistence is our most potent weapon. Something positive always emerges from consistent effort. The discipline that successful individuals possess is built over time, and the key factor is their unwavering persistence. I start my day with a commitment to learning and a strong sense of optimism, which serves as my armor against doubt. 


How have you used entrepreneurship for positive social change, and what impact have you seen in your community or industry, if any? 
We've harnessed entrepreneurship to drive positive social change by addressing the pressing issue of accessibility and understanding of legal services in our community and industry. LawSeek-O is not just a business; it's a catalyst for change. By simplifying legal language and leveraging AI to create legal briefs, we've made legal information more accessible to individuals, ensuring they can make informed decisions about their legal needs. 
The impact we've witnessed is multifaceted. Firstly, our platform empowers individuals who may have previously found legal jargon and complexities to be barriers, thereby increasing legal literacy and access. This translates into a more informed citizenry.  
In the legal industry, we're contributing to the digital transformation of legal services. Our innovative approach combines technology and legal expertise, setting a new standard for how legal services can be delivered. We've opened the door for lawyers to connect with clients more flexibly, optimizing their practice and broadening their reach. 
Moreover, our commitment to accessibility has the potential to reduce the justice gap, ensuring that those who might otherwise be unable to secure legal assistance can now access the help they need. This has a direct impact on the fairness and equity of our legal system. 
In sum, our entrepreneurship journey with LawSeek-O has already fostered positive social change by making legal services more accessible, understandable, and fairer for individuals in our community and beyond. We are dedicated to continuing this impact and further reshaping the legal landscape for the better. 


What advice would you give to current students or recent graduates who are interested in pursuing entrepreneurship? 

  • Embrace Learning: Never stop learning. As a student or recent graduate, you're in a unique position to absorb knowledge, experiment, and adapt. Continuously seek new skills, network with professionals, and stay informed about industry trends. 
  • Fail Forward: Don't fear failure. It's an essential part of the entrepreneurial process. Every setback offers a chance to learn and grow. Be persistent and use your experiences to improve your approach. 
  • Stay Passionate: Entrepreneurship is a journey that requires dedication and passion. Stay true to your mission, and let your enthusiasm drive your efforts. Your passion will inspire others and keep you moving forward. 
  • Finally, Celebrate Small Wins: Don't wait for a major success to celebrate. Acknowledge and appreciate the small victories along the way. Recognizing your progress can boost morale and motivation. 



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