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Blizard Institute - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Centre for Cell Biology and Cutaneous Research

Our Centre brings together scientists with an overarching aim to understand the fundamental mechanisms of epithelial diseases. Research focuses include skin biology and diseases, epithelial signalling and barrier function, wound healing, ageing and senescence and cancer biology. The Centre has an excellent track record in rare disease gene discovery, uncovering disease mechanisms, developing three-dimensional skin models for ageing and disease, and has clinical links with Barts Health NHS Trust.

Research staff

Dr Daniele Bergamaschi
Senior Lecturer

Dr Adrian Biddle
DHT Lecturer in Animal Replacement Science
Professor Cleo Bishop
Professor of Senescence
Daniele Bergamaschi staff photo Adrian Biddle staff photo Cleo Bishop staff photo
Dr Matthew Caley
Senior Lecturer in Cell Biology
Professor John Connelly
Professor Of Bioengineering
Professor Stephen Greenwald
Professor Of Cardiovascular Mechanics
Matthew Caley staff photo John Connelly Steve Greenwald staff photo
Dr Rosalind Hannen
Lecturer In Cutaneous Research
Professor Catherine Harwood
Professor Of Dermato-Oncology
Professor David Kelsell
Professor Of Human Molecular Genetics
Rosalind Hannen staff photo Catherine Harwood staff photo David Kelsell staff photo
Professor Kenny Linton
Professor Of Protein Biochemistry
Dr Tania Maffucci
Senior Lecturer
Dr Ryan O'Shaughnessy
Senior Lecturer
Kenneth Tania Maffucci Ryan O'Shaughnessy
Professor Edel O'Toole
Professor Of Molecular Dermatology
Professor Mike Philpott
Professor Of Cutaneous Biology
Mr Emanuel Rognoni
Senior Lecturer In Endocrinology
Edel O'Toole staff photo Mike Philpott Staff photo of Emanuel Rognoni
Dr Diana Schalke (Nee Blaydon)
Olivia Bolton (Research Nurse)  
Diana Blaydon  

Teaching staff

Lucine Bonfante
Lecturer in Clinical Microbiology
Shona Braybrook
Lecturer in Clinical Microbiology

Dr Anna Maria Fenech Magrin
Clinical Senior Lecturer

Anna Maria Fenech Magrin staff photo

Mr Ioannis Goutos
Clinical Senior Lecturer (Hcc)

Ioannis Goutos staff photo

Dr Haidar Hassan
Clinical Senior Lecturer

Haidar Hassan staff photo

Dr Vania Yumi Hiratsuka Dalmedo
Clinical Senior Lecturer

Vania Hiratsuka Dalmedo staff photo

Dr Virginia Hubbard
Consultant Dermatologist and Clinical Senior Lecturer

Virginia Hubbard staff photo

Professor Victoria Jolliffe
Professor in Postgraduate Medical Education

Vicky Jolliffe

Mrs Lara Catarine Maciel
Teaching Fellow

Dr Shefali Rajpopat
Clinical Senior Lecturer

Shefali Rajpopat staff photo

Mr Basha Shatta
Clinical Senior Lecturer

Bashar Shatta


Administration Staff

Academic staff in the Centre teach across all years of the MBBS and BDS curriculum. We also are module leads and course lecturers across a number of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Degree Programmes.

Undergraduate teaching

BSc Biology BSc Biomedical Sciences BSc Biomedical Sciences / Clinical Biomedicine
(Joint Programme with Nanchang)
iBSc Experimental Pathology
Adrian Biddle
Daniele Bergamaschi
Diana Schalke (nee Blaydon)
John Connelly
Mike Philpott
Tania Maffucci

Module Lead
Kenneth Linton

Adrian Biddle
Daniele Bergamaschi
Diana Schalke (nee Blaydon)
John Connelly
Mike Philpott
Tania Maffucci

Ryan O'Shaughnessy Mike Philpott
Stephen Greenwald

Postgraduate teaching

Aesthetic Medicine
PGDip Clinical Dermatology

Ioannis Goutos
Haidar Hassan
Vania Hiratsuka Dalmedo
Anna Maria Fenech Magrin
Bashar Shatta
Matthew Caley

Virginia Hubbard
Shefali Rajpopat
Victoria Jolliffe
MSc Clinical Microbiology MSc/MRes/PGDip
Regenerative Medicine
Catherine Harwood

Course Directors
John Connelly
Emanuel Rognoni
Matthew Caley

Module Leads
Cleo Bishop
Daniele Bergamaschi
Emanuel Rognoni
John Connelly
Matthew Caley

Adrian Biddle

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