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School of Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Foundations of AI

Development of AI is a widely recognised challenge of our generation. In many instances, AI requires computer programmes or algorithms simulating or modelling aspects of human behaviour or accompanying human activity,and  the mathematical tools are at the heart of such algorithms. The current success of machine learning is based on a variety of mathematical discoveries and techniques, and their further analysis and development will undoubtedly lead to further revolutionary industrial and societal progress. 

The Centre "Mathematical Foundations of AI" intended to use expertise of the SMS researchers as well as researchers from other departments of the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Many SMS researchers are recognised as world leading experts in areas of modern mathematics and its applications, such as combinatorics, dynamical systems, geometry and analysis (including tropical geometry), network science, optimisation and control theory, probability theory and statistics, random matrix theory, quantum algebras, non-commutative geometry,topological robotics, applied topology (including algorithms for automated decision making) and others. 

The Centre "Mathematical Foundations of AI" will maintain regular seminar where progress and challenges will be discussed; it will be attended by the members of the Centre as well as by PhD students and other researchers. Periodically the Centre will run workshops and conferences to promote and publicise activity of its members which will broaden their societal and scientific impact. 

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