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School of Law

Criminal Justice Centre – Visiting Professors

Visiting staff

  • Ms Michele Coninsx, Visiting Professor at QMUL and President of Eurojust
  • Professor Emilio de Capitani, Executive Director of the Fundamental Rights European Experts Group (FREE Group), Brussels
  • Mr Anthony Edwards, Visiting Professor at QMUL and Senior Partner of T.V.Edwards
  • Professor Bob Ferguson, Visiting Professor at QMUL and Head of the Wealth Management and Private Banking Department in the Supervision Division of the Financial Conduct Authority
  • Professor Rudi Fortson, Visiting Professor at QMUL and Barrister at the Middle Temple
  • Professor Eric King, Visiting Professor at QMUL and Deputy Director at Privacy International
  • Professor Stefano Manacorda, Professor of Criminal Law, University of Naples
  • Professor Rashida Manjoo, Visiting Professor at QMUL and Professor in the Department of Public Law, University of Cape Town
  • Professor David Ormerod, Visiting Professor of Criminal Justice at QMUL and Barrister at the Middle Temple
  • Ms Karen Squibb-Williams, Visiting Lecturer at QMUL
  • Mr Dan Squires, Visiting Professor at QMUL and Barrister at Matrix Chambers.
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