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School of Law

Postgraduate Research

Postgraduate students researching in criminal justice include:

  • Pauline Martini
    "Conflicts of Jurisdiction involving the International Criminal Court: Challenges and Potential Solutions"
  • Áine Clancy
    “Unexplained Wealth Orders against Politically Exposed Persons: Do the Ends Justify the Means?”
  • Santiago Wortman Jofre
    “A Network Perspective on the Laws of Organised Crime: A Case Study of England and Wales”
  • Marta Minetti
    “Uses, Abuses and Misuses of Anti-Smuggling Laws in Italy: The Criminalisation of Migration in Italy and its Consequences in Terms of Rule of Law”
  • Andreas Karapatakis
    “Digital Currencies, Blockchain Technology and Money laundering: The Challenge for Regulation under EU Law”
  • Nika Salamunic
    “The International Responsibility for Private Military and Security Companies”
  • Clementina Salvi
    “Extraterritorial Jurisdiction in Criminal Justice and the Impacts on Individuals’ Rights: The EU e-evidence Legislation Initiative”
  • Jessica Alice Shurson
    “Reinventing Comity: Cross-Border Digital Evidence, Investigatory Powers and Resolving Conflict”
  • Richard Van Herzeele
    “The State and the Art: Public-Private Engagement in Art Crime Policing”
  • Hannah Willcocks
    "The Modern Fraud Trial - a Thing of the Past?"
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