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School of Law

About us

The Centre for European and International Legal Affairs (CEILA) at Queen Mary University of London provides a forum for academics, students, and practitioners who share an interest in European and public international law from different perspectives, including normative, doctrinal, empirical and socio-legal approaches to specific policy areas, constitutional matters and / or the relationship between the two regimes.

Our aim is to muster scholarly expertise, research and teaching of outstanding quality, contributing to the progressive development of both EU law and public international law, and fostering a broader understanding of underlying and overarching issues within and across both areas of law. On the basis of wide-ranging discussions and analysis, we work towards the resolution of current legal problems in both the European and international legal planes. Therefore we conceive CEILA as a collaborative and open platform for intellectual production and exchange with a distinctive and inclusive identity, welcoming scholars at all career levels working and interested in both European and public international law, in just one of these fields, or in their interaction.

Besides extensive collaborative research among scholars, the Centre also offers supervision to post-graduate students, and hosts different events, including annual seminar series and conferences, book launches, reading sessions, and rapid reaction seminars on present legal events, facilitating academic contacts, public engagement, and policy impact by feeding back and forward into current debates.

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