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IT Services

Staff Card Registration

Our printing system enables you to collect your printing jobs from any HP device from anywhere on campus.

You will need to log into a printer to be able to release your printing jobs. Each device is equipped with a card reader to allow you to identify yourself with your ID card. This will save you from having to manually enter your credentials each time.

For first time use, you will need to register your ID card at the printer. Please follow the steps below:


1. Swipe your ID card on the card reader located next to the print display

Picture 1 - 3


2. You will be prompted to enter your University username and password. (These are the credentials used to log into your computer).

The password is case sensitive! You will need to select Shift for uppercase and Shift again to return to lowercase and numerals.

3. Press OK to confirm your settings. If you have entered the wrong information you will need to start again.

Picture 5

Your card is now enabled and ready to use on any HP device.


4. When finished remember to Sign Out.

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