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Queen Mary launches Arts and Culture Support Centre

The Legal Advice Centre and qLegal will support the new initiative by creating online toolkits

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The Queen Mary Arts and Culture Support Centre aims to help those working in the arts and cultural sectors to overcome the huge challenges that are facing them during the Covid-19 crisis.

The first major initiative being organised by the Arts and Culture Support Centre is an Online Advice Session which will take place on Wednesday 27 May 2020 at 18:30 BST. The session will offer guidance on the forms of support available to artists, including networks and future funding opportunities.

Guest speakers will include representatives from the London Mayor’s Arts office, Equity, the Incorporated Society of Musicians, Society of Authors as well as the trade union, Bectu. To register, or to find out more information about this practical session, visit the Queen Mary Arts and Culture website.

New digital initiatives

The Arts and Culture Support Centre will also organise a new series of digital workshops, including writing retreats, which have been created in collaboration with artist Daniel Oliver.

The sessions have been designed to create the space for artists and people working in the cultural sectors to grapple with the different kinds of writing that their work requires.

Two weekly sessions will run, organised for both Queen Mary staff, as well as artists and people working in the wider creative industries.

Queen Mary’s Arts and Culture team will also be creating online toolkits for artists with the aim of answering common legal and organisational issues that they face, with the support of Queen Mary’s Legal Advice Centre and qLegal teams.

Dr Aoife Monks, Academic Lead for Arts and Culture at Queen Mary said: "Queen Mary University of London has so many valuable resources to offer to the world, and one of them is our collective expertise.

"This new Arts and Culture Support Centre aims to share Queen Mary's expertise in legal advice, and our skills in supporting writing, to help our partners and collaborators who are facing a grave crisis within the arts, cultural and community sectors."

About Arts and Culture at Queen Mary

Queen Mary is a major contributor to London’s diverse artistic and cultural landscape, and has built strong relationships with its local, national and international audiences through the arts.

Queen Mary launched its Arts and Culture strategy in November 2017 with the aim of developing the university as a world-leading centre of excellence in arts and culture within higher education. Since its inception Queen Mary’s Arts and Culture group have organised several events around diverse themes including migration and technology. It has also participated in Tate Exchange multiple times.

Tate Exchange is an ambitious ‘open experiment’ which allows other organisations and members of the public to participate in Tate’s creative process, running events and projects on site and using art as a way of addressing wider issues in the world around us. Queen Mary is a Tate Exchange Associate.



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