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qLegal: The small print for BIG IDEAS

qLegal is an award-winning service providing free legal advice, support and resources to entrepreneurs, start-ups and non-profits.

Our mission is to help the next generation of lawyers help the next generation of clients to create value in the world.

How do we achieve this?

An illustration a laptop, robot, calendar, wifi symbol, camera, tablet and a person with arrows connecting them

Clients receive free legal advice, education and support.

An illustration of hands raised in celebration with streamers

Partners have a fun and easy way of giving back.

An illustration of a paper plane flying into the sky

Students develop innovative legal skills, working with real clients.

Hear more about the impact qLegal has on our clients, partners and students and read our Annual Reports to find out more.

Meet the qLegal Team and find out about our current partners and Advisory Board.

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