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Pushing the boundaries of enterprise

qLegal has been embedded in the start-up ecosystem for more than 10 years but we still share founders’ excitement as we help them build a new venture or take their organisation to the next level.

An illustration of a space rocket taking offWe appreciate that technological and other advancements are driving change in the worlds of enterprise and work, with a greater focus on collaboration and innovation.

qLegal supports the next generation of enterprise by:

  • Collaborating with incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces and Enterprise Zones, including within other universities.
  • Working with people who are shaking things up and making the world a more interesting place though innovative products, services and ways of being.
  • Providing support to underrepresented groups of founders, to help support social change.
  • Partnering with individuals and organisations within the creative and cultural sectors, helping to change the way people think about business and what it means to be an entrepreneur and employer.

Images designed by Freepik.

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