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Enterprise supporters: incubators, community groups, educators

Do you help entrepreneurs, start-ups and non-profits launch, grow and scale their business venture? Or maybe you’re an educator whose students need to understand the legal implications relating to their studies?

An illustration of hands clapping with sparksIf so, we can help you support them by providing:

Workshops and resources on relevant legal issues

We can help the start-ups and entrepreneurs in your network to navigate the legal challenges they may face. From business plans to trade marks, we’ve got it covered.

Our students deliver interactive workshops on the legal issues that may be holding entrepreneurs back. Our resource hub is packed with guides, videos and templates to help entrepreneurs build a solid foundation for their venture.

We can also prepare tailored workshops and resources for your network like this workshop prepared for entrepreneurs in Tower Hamlets.

You managed to deliver what would have been very information-heavy and overwhelming content in such a light-hearted and interactive way. The feedback from the cohort has been really positive!
— Jade Baker, Programme Coordinator, Hatch

Want qLegal to deliver workshops for the start-ups in your network? Contact us.

Tailored classes for students

We can help you teach your students about the legal issues relevant to their studies.  

Our students deliver interactive classes on wide-ranging legal topics such as computing and the law, and how to protect your IP when working with others. 

The qLegal students came in as the “legal experts” in our students’ projects. They tailored their workshop to the students’ needs and curriculum requirements, with special attention to what the students know and in which context they need to apply their legal understanding, which was really appreciated.
— Tina Götschi, Principal, Ada, National College for Digital Skills

Want qLegal to deliver classes for your students? Contact us.

Free legal advice

Every entrepreneur’s journey is unique, and we recognise that. 

Our students (supervised by qualified lawyers) provide free personalised legal advice to start-ups, entrepreneurs, social enterprises and charities.

As a start-up company with a very limited budget it would have been very difficult for us to have paid for the advice we needed...The [students’] advice raised some really important flags for us.
— Martin Pendrigh, Co-Founder of Therapy Panda

Find out more about our legal advice clinic.

Hands-on support one day a week

Do you want a bright, enthusiastic postgraduate law student to support you and your team?

We place our students in start-ups where they offer legal and business support one day a week for six months, from October to April each year.

We are in a few accelerator programmes and this was one of the most useful, extensive, and well-rounded pieces of legal support we have received!
— Elizabeth Yu, Co Founder at Onsee (formerly Pelation)

Think the start-ups in your network could benefit from qLegal’s support? Contact us

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