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Future of Law Programme

This programme gives you the opportunity to provide legal services on a one-to-many basis, having greater impact and more in line with the direction of legal practice.

An illustration of an open box with a thought bubble coming out of itYou will be in teams and use a higher level of interpersonal skills to bring law to life for those in need.

On this programme, you will develop skills like:

  • Communication
  • Creativity/Design Thinking
  • Emotional intelligence
  • LegalTech
  • Team working
  • Time management

Find out more about why you should join this programme:

What's involved?

You will receive comprehensive training on the substantive areas of law, and practical legal skills you need. You will participate in either:

Our Public Legal Education activities

Working in teams, you will have the opportunity to: 

Your role is to make the law accessible and engaging to entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs: from receiving your client brief, to delivering a workshop to your audience and/or publishing your resource. You will be supported throughout by the qLegal team, external solicitors and your fellow students.

Hear what our alumni say about the programme:

One of the most significant gifts the PLE programme offered me was the opportunity to become a confident orator. Standing before diverse groups of stakeholders, I learned how to communicate complex legal issues accessibly and in an engaging way. The nerves I once had were replaced by a newfound sense of empowerment as I navigated through legal complexities with ease and finesse.
— Rasika Gupta, qLegal student 2022-23
Being a qLegal member has been a rewarding experience. As a qLegal Student Public Legal Educator, I was given the opportunity to interact with a variety of clients, coordinate workshops for them, and enhance my public speaking skills.
— Viraj Chhelavda, qLegal student 2022-23
qLegal has given me something more than academic and professional exposure. It has helped me on a personal level by making me realise my interest towards imparting knowledge and spreading legal awareness. My decision to pursue a career in academia has a lot to do with what I gained through qLegal.
— Gowri Belwadi, qLegal student 2021-22

Our Projects activities

Working in teams (often with students from other disciplines), you will have the opportunity to deliver an innovative solution to a client problem. In previous years, our students have:

Your role is to think creatively to find new solutions to a client’s problem: from receiving your client brief, to delivering your prototype, research or advice. You will work closely with your client and be supported throughout by the qLegal team, your fellow students (often from other specialisms) and, where appropriate, external solicitors.

Hear what our alumni say about the programme:

qLegal’s support and expertise was instrumental in making this podcast episode a reality. I enjoyed delving into such a fascinating topic. I'm truly appreciative of the opportunity to work with such a dedicated and knowledgeable team.
— Farheen Rajwani, qLegal student 2022-23 discussing her podcast episode "Machines & Morality".
Being a part of the qLegal team and having an opportunity to work with [our client] was a really enriching experience which showed me how to think differently about the law… In order to deliver the best results, we had to think outside the box and try to forget how to ‘think like a lawyer’.
— Barbara Korcova, qLegal student 2021-22
I have always had a great passion for Legal Design and qLegal helped me develop it even more. I am now the co-founder of Legal Design Arc, a start-up focusing on Design Thinking application in law.
— Gunjan Saxena, qLegal student 2019- 20

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