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At qLegal, we take pride in our strong community of over 900 alumni, living in over 70 countries. Many of our alumni have chosen to pursue legal careers as solicitors, advocates, attorney generals, in-house lawyers or legal educators. Others have applied the entrepreneurialism they learned at qLegal, working in start-ups or establishing their own businesses.

What makes our alumni truly remarkable is their ability to apply their transferable skills in various industries and roles. Our alumni network is a testament to the diverse and impactful opportunities that qLegal provides.

We love that our alumni stay in touch, sharing their successes, coming to the annual qLegal party and sharing what they’ve learned with the next generations of qLegal students.

What options are available to our alumni community?

As an alum, we would be delighted to welcome and involve you in any way you might find fulfilling:

  • Delivering a one-off training session during qLegal induction training (October each year).
  • Taking part in a panel discussion with other experts in your area of expertise.
  • Supervising qLegal students working on a client case or workshop.
  • Joining our fundraising efforts (Legal Walk, Legal Bake) and events throughout the year.

Interested? Email us at, stating the academic year you volunteered at qLegal and we’ll get in touch.

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