School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

MA in Language Teaching

Develop an advanced conceptual understanding of language teaching and learning that will enable you to evaluate methodologies through your own independent research. Benefit from a prestigious, internationally recognised, relevant qualification and help to meet the ever-increasing demand for language teachers, particularly teachers of some non-European languages.

  • Undertake the only MA course of its kind in the UK
  • Obtain a general language teaching qualification for Europe and beyond
  • Teach your mother tongue, or any language which you speak to an adequate level
  • Focuses on general, theoretical aspects of language teaching, in contrast to a PGCE-style qualification
  • Benefit from London’s international English-speaking environment


Gain a thorough theoretical foundation to teach any language, and develop an in-depth understanding and critical awareness of current problems and new insights concerning language teaching and learning theory.

You will gain detailed knowledge of the theories, approaches and methods of language teaching, and understand the latest developments in the field. We will also give you a thorough grounding in the theory and practice of second language acquisition. You can then specialise, according to your interests.

You can choose from modules that cover topics such as curriculum design and materials evaluation, teaching languages for specific purposes, developing multimedia materials for language teaching, and multilingualism and bilingualism. You can also undertake free, elective support modules in critical thinking and writing for applied linguistics.


Three compulsory modules

  • Teaching Languages: Approaches and Methods (semester 1)
  • Learning Languages: Second Language Acquisition (semester 2)
  • Research Methods in Language Teaching (semester 2)
  • Dissertation in Language Teaching (semester 3)

Three elective modules, you will have to choose two which run in semester 1, and one which runs in semester2.

Elective modules include:

  • General Linguistics for Language Teachers
  • Curriculum Design and Materials Evaluation for Language Teaching
  • Assessment in Language Teaching
  • Multimedia Materials Development for Language Teaching
  • Teaching Languages for Specific Purposes

We also offer free support modules for Critical Thinking and Writing for Applied Linguistics in semesters 1 and 2.

One compulsory 12,000-word dissertation