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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Skill Building modules

This five-week module gives learners the tools to stay active and perform academically to the best of their ability. We’ll try out planning tools to help organise our time and stay on top of deadlines; explore how to make the most of lectures and seminars, how to take effective notes, how to communicate effectively with tutors, how to make a success of group work and how to read actively and plan assignments. These classes provide an invaluable opportunity to share and try out different approaches to learning with students from other disciplines. It is particularly suitable for distance learners and anyone keen to hone their study skills at university.

Key words: organisation, active notetaking, critical thinking


Have you ever received feedback that your work is confusing or imprecise? Proofreading is more than just checking for spelling mistakes and typos. The best proof-readers and editors have an almost artistic touch because they know the steps a good writer needs to take before submitting that final draft. This course is designed for those whose first language is not English and will help you identify issues with structure and organisation as well as the language quality of your work. You will practise editing and proofreading in class using sample materials and your own work.

Key words: accuracy, quality control, academic precision 

Your written assignments require concise, precise writing. You need to keep an objective style, be specific and analytical. A solid knowledge of English grammar is your foundation. Designed for students whose first language is not English, this module explores grammar in an academic context in the first semester and both academic as well as general contexts in the second. You’ll learn techniques to enable you to swiftly summarise or paraphrase a passage, for example by inverting the sentence structure using the passive voice or changing verbs to nouns and using more noun phrases. These classes will also help improve your accuracy in writing. The modules run in both semesters, and you can take both as the content is different or choose to study on either course. 

 Key words: improve accuracy, small writing tasks, academic precision



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