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School of Mathematical Sciences

Entry requirements

All our degree programmes require grade A in GCE A Level Mathematics, or equivalent.

Our typical entry requirement is:

For all programmes, we require at least grade C in GCSE English Language or equivalent.

Additional information

  • We encourage you to take A-Level Further Mathematics if it is available to you; we will welcome this as one of your top three A-Levels in your application. Whilst we don't give an explicitly lower offer for people taking Further Mathematics, we will take it into account if you narrowly miss our offer.
  • We do not specifically exclude any subjects except General Studies and we welcome unusual but relevant subjects (such as philosophy). We accept all foreign-language A-Levels including native languages.
  • We will consider BTEC Level 3 qualifications if accompanied by A-Level Mathematics.

Foundation Year

If you do not meet the requirements for our BSc programmes, an alternative route for many of our programmes is via our BSc Mathematics with Foundation. This may be suited either to applicants who did not achieve their expected results at A-Level, or to those who have not studied Mathematics to a sufficient level for BSc entry. As a guide, we would usually make offers for A-Level applicants at BBC, including a C in Mathematics.  Applications from mature students will be considered on an individual basis, taking into account both educational background and other relevant experience.

We are also happy to accept applicants via our International Science and Engineering Foundation Programme (ISEFP), for which you apply directly to the ISEFP team.

Admissions policy

  • We have a flexible admissions policy and will consider individual applications on their own merits.
  • We normally make our standard conditional offer if your predicted grades and/or AS-Level results put you within two grades of our entry requirements.
  • We may make an unconditional offer or confirm your place in August if your results are slightly below our entry requirements, but this depends on several factors. We are more likely to accept you if you have a good grade in Further Mathematics, an A* in A-Level Mathematics or additional relevant qualifications (such as A or AS-Levels) not included in our offer.
  • If you do not meet our requirements, we may offer you a programme with lower entry requirements, either when you apply or in August; for example, G100 instead of G102 or G1N4 instead of GL11. But note that we invite all students on appropriate BSc programmes who achieve first-class results in their first year to transfer to our MSci programmes, for example, from G100 /G110 to G102 or from GG31 to G1G3.
  • We may allow you to transfer to a different degree programme if you meet the entry requirements for the new programme, subject to space on the programme. Please enquire for details.

Typical alternative UK and international qualifications

We encourage applications from students with other comparable qualifications, including students from abroad, mature students and students attending appropriate Access or Higher Education Foundation courses; see also the general Queen Mary entry requirements, especially for qualifications other than GCE A-Levels.

The following relates to the entry requirements for most of our BSc courses, such as G100; the requirements for GL11, G1N3, G102, G1G3 and GN1H would be slightly higher.

CountryQualificationTypical offer*
  International Baccalaureate 34 points (36 for GL11 and MSci) including Higher Level Mathematics at grade 6
  European Baccalaureate Overall 80%, Higher (5-hour) Mathematics 80%
UK BTEC Level 3 A minimum of A-Level Mathematics at grade A, plus either BTEC DD or BTEC D and a second A-Level at grade B (i.e. we will consider your best 3 grades across A Levels and BTEC)
UK Access to HE Diploma (Mathematics or Science) Pass the Access to HE Diploma with distinction in at least 30 credits at Level 3 and merit in another 15 at Level 3. At least 18 of the Level 3 credits with distinction must be in mathematics. We do not accept this qualification for GL11.
UK Foundation Programme Must include a substantial maths component. Each application will be assessed individually - please email us for further information.
Scotland Framework 340 UCAS points including Advanced Higher Mathematics at grade A
Bulgaria Diploma za Sredno Obrazovanie / Matura 5.5 in the Diploma overall and 5.8 in Mathematics in the Matura
France Baccalaureate Overall 14, including Mathematics 14
Germany Abitur Overall 1.8 or less, including 13 in Mathematics Higher Level (LK)
Greece & Cyprus Apolytirion In all cases, we require an A in A-Level Mathematics. In addition, either: 18/20 average in the Apolytirion plus 18 in two relevant Pan-Hellenic Examination Subjects, or 17/20 in the Apolytirion plus AA at A-level.
Hong Kong Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education 5,4,4 including Core and Elective Mathematics
Ireland Leaving Certificate Five subject passes at Higher Level, including a minimum of A1, A1, B2, B2, B2. Must include Higher Level Mathematics at grade A1
Italy Diploma di Esame di Stato Overall 88, including Mathematics 9
Lithuania Brandos Atestatas 9/10 average in the School Matura exams, including at least 90% in State Matura Mathematics and 88% in two other State Matura subjects
Norway Vitnemål fra den Videregående Skole (Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate) Overall 4.5, Mathematics 5
Poland Matura (since 2005) 75% average in three subjects taken at Extended Level (Poziom Rozszerzony), including 80% in Mathematics at Extended Level
Portugal Diploma do Ensino Secundário Overall 17-18, including Mathematics 18
Spain Titulo de Bachiller Overall 7.8, including Mathematics 8

For all other qualifications please consult your individual country page. (link is external)

*Offers will also include a minimum English language requirement, as outlined below.

English language qualifications

For any of our degree programmes we require one of the following as a minimum:

  • GCSE (or GCE O Level) grade C (or 6)
  • IELTS 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 in all sections (excluding GL11 for which we require IELTS 6.5)

For the SEFP we normally require at least IELTS 5.0 or equivalent. But please note this important information for applicants applying for Tier 4 immigration permission.

IELTS must have been taken within the last two years. (It will help us confirm your place if we receive your results by 31 July and we must receive your results by 31 August.)

Further information, including alternative English language tests and equivalent scores, is available on the international students' section of the QMUL website.

Second-year entry

We will consider direct entry into the second year of our courses, and occasionally to the third year of our MSci courses, but not to the final year of any course. You need to apply through UCAS in the same way as for first-year entry. We will also require the course you have followed at your current institution to match ours reasonably closely and we will ask you to provide detailed syllabus information to establish this after you have applied.


Please email any enquiries to