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School of Mathematical Sciences

MSc Business Analytics

The MSc in Business Analytics offered in collaboration with QMUL’s School of Business and Management and is aimed at students who are highly numerate and have a strong interest in developing statistical and business skills required to succeed in the digital economy.

This exciting new programme is ideal for anybody aiming to direct businesses in today’s digital economy.  You will learn how to use insights from business analysis to inform strategy, provide direction for leadership and create value.

With the growing use of data in business decision making, individuals who have a strong understanding of the tools and methodologies for business analysis, who are able to analyse data and use the results to inform the direction of their business, will be sought after by employers in all sectors of the economy.

Our programme will take you beyond analytics and programming, teaching you how businesses are structured, how they operate and how digital skills are used to enhance business performance.  You will gain an awareness of the leadership and organisational challenges associated with large scale change projects driven by the digitisation of businesses and develop important leadership qualities such as communication, negotiation and teamwork.

Georg von GraevenitzProgramme Director - Dr Georg Von Graevenitz

"According to recent industry research, the biggest skills gaps in the technology sector are found in the field of business analytics; therefore, graduates  who have good intuition and can translate statistical data intelligently are ‘rock stars’ in the organisations they work for"

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