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Global Opportunities

Internship programme

Queen Mary offers students the opportunity to undertake an internship as part of the Study Abroad Programme. Internship opportunities are run in collaboration with our partner, Arcadia University, the College of Global Studies through the London Internship Programme.

About the Queen Mary London Internship Programme

Students on the Queen Mary London Internship Programme will undertake three modules at Queen Mary and will be placed into an internship in lieu of studying a fourth module. Students will be allocated an internship alongside their study and complete a seminar/tutorial at Arcadia’s London Centre related to the internship.

The internship is a 'for credit' module and will not appear on your Queen Mary transcript. You will however be issued a separate transcript by Arcadia detailing the internship. Arcadia awards four credits for the internship.  Students must have the internship programme approved by their home university before submitting an application for the programme. 

A practical opportunity to network in a supportive academic environment

On the Queen Mary & Arcadia London Internship Programme, you’ll engage with London as both a professional and a student, mixing with British, American and international students from day one and interning up to eight hours a day, three full days per week over ten weeks during your time abroad. Your coursework is designed to complement your work experience and to reinforce your professional and academic interests. There are placements available in a wide range of industries. This is a unique and affordable study abroad opportunity—if you want to build your resume, this is a great programme option.

If you are interested in British or international politics and public policy, the Parliamentary Internship may be a good option. As a Parliamentary Intern, you will contribute to the everyday operations of important figures in British politics and develop an insider’s understanding of how the British legislature – the House of Commons and the House of Lords – make policy ideas into law.

  • Placement options include: Advertising; arts; business operations; film & television; accounting and entrepreneurship; hospitality; journalism; law; politics (including Parliament); marketing; non-governmental organizations; psychology; public relations; and theatre. Arcadia's Internship Placement Guide outlines more placement details.

Arcadia University

Arcadia University brings students from universities across America and the rest of the world, on study abroad programmes that excite and inspire your personal ideals, your global vision and your academic passions. 

Useful Information

Please be aware of earlier application deadlines for the Queen Mary London Internship Programme:

  • May 1st for autumn (fall) entry (September)
  • October 1st for spring entry (January) 

Please note that the general eligibility and other information for the Queen Mary London Internship Programme is the same as it is for our general Study Abroad Programme. You may access all of this information using the following links:

Entry Requirements

Key Dates

Fees and Finance

Academic Information


Visas and immigration

All students undertaking an internship will need to apply for Student immigration permission. Queen Mary will provide you with further guidance and instructions once you have accepted your place on the Study Abroad Programme. Further information about visas and immigration can be found on the Queen Mary Advice and Counselling Service Student Immigration Advice Website

How to apply

To apply you may submit an online application to Queen Mary using our portal

Terms and conditions

Please review the Queen Mary Global Opportunities Terms and Conditions [PDF 120KB] before submitting an application for the programme. You should also consider Arcadia University's Terms and Conditions for the London Internship Programme. 

Frequently asked questions

Who are Arcadia University, the College of Global Studies?
Arcadia University is a private university offering bachelor's, masters and doctoral degrees, based in Philadelphia, USA. Arcadia is a pioneer in the field of Study Abroad and has operated programmes for more than 40 years. Arcadia has 10 centres and offices around the world through its College of Global Studies.

How long have Queen Mary and Arcadia University worked together?
Queen Mary and Arcadia’s London centre have a longstanding relationship having worked together for over 20 years in London, jointly managing the provision of study abroad programmes and hosting students studying abroad from all parts of the USA. The internship programme is however a new venture, having launched in January 2020.

Why does Queen Mary not deliver its own internships for students enrolling on the Study Abroad Programme at Queen Mary?
Queen Mary does not have the resources to deliver internships for study abroad students.

What are the entry requirements?
Please refer to our entry requirements section.

I do not meet the entry requirements; can I still apply?
If you feel, you do not meet the entry requirements due to extenuating circumstances, which for example may have affected your grades please email to discuss your circumstances.

Do I need the permission of my home university?
Yes, it is essential you have the permission of your home school as they may not permit you to do an internship or may not accept the credit granted by Arcadia University, the College of Global Studies. Your school may require you to study only for credit modules at Queen Mary in order to fulfil your home degree requirements.

I am an exchange student and do not pay tuition fees to Queen Mary; can I still apply?
You are not eligible to apply for this programme as an exchange student. 

How do I apply?
Apply online - search for the correct programme here

Following your initial application to Queen Mary, Arcadia will then forward you a link to the Internship Placement Questionnaire, through which you will provide them with details of your placement preferences.  

What documents do I need to submit with my application?

Please read the guidance here but note that in addition to the academic reference and transcript which must be submitted by all applicants, internship applicants must also upload the following documents in the 'supporting documents' upload section: Placement Interest Form and Curriculum Vitae (résumé). Please review Arcadia's 'London Resumé Guide' here for guidance. 

When will Arcadia receive my application for an internship?
Your application for an internship will be passed to Arcadia for review during our own review process. Decisions for the Queen Mary programme (modules only) may be given before acceptance by Arcadia for the internship programme.

Does acceptance to the Queen Mary programme also mean I am accepted to the internship programme?
No, you may be accepted to study at Queen Mary but it is Arcadia who will review the application for an internship and this acceptance for the internship may occur after you have been accepted to Queen Mary’s programme.

When will I find out if I have been successful?
Arcadia will usually let you know if you have been accepted for the internship programme within 5 days of receipt of your application from Queen Mary.

Am I guaranteed an internship?
Arcadia guarantees the offer of an internship placement once you are accepted onto the program and every effort is made to accommodate your placement preferences. However, we cannot guarantee any particular field or organization (including type and size). All program participants must therefore maintain a high degree of flexibility in the placement search. Incomplete applications will not be considered - all required documentation (including your CV and Placement Interest Form) are needed to proceed with the internship application. 

I do not have all the documents needed, can I still submit?
No, we will only review complete applications.

How much are the fees?
The cost of the internship is included in your Queen Mary tuition fees.

Arcadia have not accepted my application; what happens?
If you are not accepted onto the Arcadia internship program you will be able to select a fourth Queen Mary module and join the Queen Mary (no internship) study abroad programme if you meet the entry requirements.

Arcadia are not able to meet my internship preferences; what happens?
You will be able to select a fourth Queen Mary module and join the Queen Mary (no internship) study abroad programme if you meet the entry requirements.

Where can I intern?
Internships are offered with a variety of organisations in the following sectors:
Film & TV
Journalism pp
Non-Government Parliament & Politics
Psychology & Health Services
Public Relations

Will there be an interview?
Yes, you will be required to interview for the placement offered, this may be prior to arrival by phone, skype etc. but some employers prefer to meet in person following arrival.

How many days and hours per week will I intern?
Three days per week for 10 weeks. The hours per day are typically 7-9 hours including lunch. Depending on your QM class timetable half days can also be worked by arrangement with your internship placement to make up the required number of hours.

Can I intern for more than 3 days and 27 hours per week?
No, it is a requirement of your visa that you do not intern for more hours than specified in the programme - this is usually between 21 and 27 hours per week, typically 24.

Are the internships paid?
No, these are unpaid internships.

I am not happy with the internship offered; what should I do?
Immediately contact your placement adviser at Arcadia to discuss.

Is there a seminar/tutorial alongside the internship?
Yes. How often does the seminar/tutorial meet? Twice per term as a group, but students will be assigned an individual academic project supervisor with whom they will meet four times over the course of the term. These meetings will be arranged directly between the academic project supervisor and the student. They usually take place at Arcadia’s London Center but can take place elsewhere by arrangement.

Where does the seminar/tutorial meet?
At Arcadia’s London office: 16/17 Southampton Place, Holborn, London WC1A 2AJ (Holborn underground stop)

Who teaches the seminar/tutorial meeting?
The Course Convenor for INPR 310 is Chris McMillan. Chris leads the academic side of the class, and assigns the academic project supervisors.

What is the content of the seminar/tutorial?
The primary assessment is an academic research project of 4000 words, for which the student will be assigned an academic supervisor to provide guidance (you’ll meet with them individually four times over the course of the term). The research project is worth 80% of the grade, with a group presentation at the end of the term worth 20%.

Will I receive academic credit?
Yes, from Arcadia University, this is a 4 credit course.

Will the internship appear on my Queen Mary transcript?
No, only your Queen Mary modules will appear on your Queen Mary transcript

Will I get a transcript from Arcadia?
Yes, you will receive a transcript listing the Internship course

How many Queen Mary modules should I choose when doing an internship?
Three modules, though you can choose more during the pre-registration process. You will then select three to study alongside your internship.

How to I choose Queen Mary modules if I do not know the days when I will intern?
If possible view the timetables and try to keep free a minimum of two full days per week to intern. You will also have the opportunity to make changes to your schedule (space permitting) once you have arrived in London. The internship placement will be 3 days per week. This can be either 3 full days, or 2 full days and 2 half days around your QM modules.

I have applied for an internship but have changed my mind; can I withdraw and just study at Queen Mary?
Yes, this is possible, though please be aware of the amount of time and work which Arcadia staff will dedicate to placing you. If you have doubts or concerns these should be discussed with Arcadia at the earliest opportunity.

I started my internship but I do not like it; what do I do?
Speak with the staff at Arcadia immediately.

Where do I go for help during my internship placement?
Speak with the staff at Arcadia immediately.

Can I intern elsewhere if I change my mind after being placed?
Arcadia regards students to have made a commitment to their placement following acceptance after the interview, so would only move a student in the event of an unforeseen and irreconcilable issue arising and after the supervisor at the placement has had an opportunity to address the student’s concerns. So it cannot be because a student has simply changed their mind. Students are encouraged to speak with Arcadia’s placement staff who can offer support if any issues arise.

Do I need a visa to intern in the UK?
Yes, all students undertaking an internship will need to apply for Student immigration permission. Queen Mary will provide you with further guidance and instructions once you have accepted your place on the Study Abroad Programme. Further information about visas and immigration can be found on the Queen Mary Advice and Counselling Service Student Immigration Advice Website

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