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Fees and Finance

Tuition fees - Academic year 2021/2022:

Full-year: £19,250

Semester one (Autumn): £9,650

Semester two (Spring): £9,650

One Module (Spring and Autumn) for Part-Time Students: £2,450

Two Modules (Spring and Autumn) for Part-Time Students: £4,900

Three Modules (Spring and Autumn): £7,350

Tuition fees - Academic year 2020/2021 (for reference): 

Full-year: £18,750

Semester one (Autumn): £9,400

Semester two (Spring): £9,400

One Module (Spring and Autumn) for Part-Time Students: £2,350

Two Modules (Spring and Autumn) for Part-Time Students: £4,700

Three Modules (Spring and Autumn): £7,050


You must pay your tuition fees before you enrol on your programme.


Accommodation Fees 

For full details of accommodation types and the fees, please view our Residential Services website
Please note that to calculate total accommodation fees, Study Abroad students (Associates) will have the following minimum contracts applied:

The minimum contract for 1st semester Associates will be 15 weeks
The minimum contract for 2nd semester Associates will be 20.5 weeks

Financing your studies

If you are in receipt of funding from your home country, please consult your funding body or home school for information about transferring this funding to your study abroad programme - please note this is not always possible.

Living costs

Queen Mary's Advice and Counselling Service has a wealth of information and advice on various topics to support you during your studies and life in London, in particular with regard to finances, budgeting and banking in the UK. You can prepare for your stay with us by visiting the below pages:

Also, we have some tips on how to make the most of your time in London (and save money) here: London on a budget.