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Discover your London

London is one of the world’s most exciting cities; a magnet for people across the world, and it's easy to see why. London is not just a historic capital city, the ancient centre of British politics and government – it is an international meeting point for business, culture and the arts that welcomes talent from around the world, and we are based in one of its most lively, creative districts.

With more students than any other city in Europe, London is an extraordinary place to live and study. Being a student here makes life much more affordable: student discounts are easy to come by and many events and world-famous institutions are free.

Watch our Study Abroad video to find out about student life at Queen Mary.

Make us your London home

Our main campus (one of the largest in London) is in Mile End, next to the beautiful Regent’s Canal and Mile End Park. It is a friendly, active community that has welcomed students from around the world for over 30 years. There’s plenty of green outdoor space where you can relax when you aren’t studying or exploring all that London has to offer.

The East End is one of the most exciting parts of the city – an inspiring place to live and work. Historically one of the most diverse areas of London, east London’s status as a trade centre meant more than just goods came ashore here: the docks brought people from all over the world, with their own cultures and experiences.

Take a look at the hidden gems in and around our neighbourhood...

Walk through two thousand years of history

As you walk through east London’s streets, you are surrounded by history. The skyline acts as a reminder of the last two thousand years: from the Tower of London, the Roman Road, the warehouses and docks that kept Britain booming in 19th century, to Canary Wharf and the Shard – the heart of the UK’s financial industries – and the O2, a modern emblem of the area’s famous nightlife. Whatever your intellectual interests, there are experts, professional contacts and world-class resources within easy reach.

East London was also the birthplace of social and political movements that seemed radical at the time but are now mainstream, such as the Suffragette movement. This rich exchange of ideas is important to us – it’s also made our area one of the most exciting and diverse in the world, and the perfect place to discover and explore your own ideas.

Students on bikes

Unique opportunities

It’s this mix of the old and new, from the East End’s avant-garde arts scene to its pioneering digital culture, that makes our part of London so exciting, creating opportunities and experiences that don’t exist anywhere else.

The creative hubs of Shoreditch and Brick Lane are on your doorstep (together with their restaurants, pop up shops and bars/coffee shops), and the West End is only a 15-minute tube ride away.

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Wellbeing at Queen Mary as a Study Abroad student

Queen Mary offers a programme of wellbeing specifically for our Study Abroad student community – the only such programme available at a UK university. The activities are designed to be of benefit for many different students; from those who have good physical and mental health to students who have been diagnosed with mental health issues relating to stress and anxiety, and for students who have a physical disability.

We do not want any student with us to miss the opportunities a programme of study in London provides. The intention of the wellbeing programme is to allow students to maximise the gains they can make from their time abroad. Staff will support and nurture students who will have the opportunity to try something new and/or develop existing competencies.

For students with a mental health diagnosis, the activities can benefit from an individual’s personal recovery. The group activities provide opportunities for meaningful social connections, peer support and a sense of belonging. They allow students to acquire new knowledge and skills and develop self-efficacy.

This course has changed my life. I'll recommend it to anyone who asks.
— Study Abroad student, Queen Mary Mindfulness Course for Study Abroad students

Examples of previous activities include an ongoing collaboration with The University of Oxford’s Mindfulness Centre which allows us to offer an eight-week programme of mindfulness focused on teaching students coping strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety.

We run a weekly running club which will take students on 5k routes of the hidden gems around campus that might otherwise remain undiscovered. For students who do not run we offer a programme that will allow students over the course of the semester to gradually develop and be able to run 5k.

We have a regular cinema club and will organise kayaking afternoons on Regent's Canal which runs alongside campus, as well as sessions for all levels at our local climbing wall. 

For more information about the programme, please contact us on

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