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After you have completed your programme of study with us, you will be given a transcript (a record of your studies with us).

Queen Mary registers all eligible students for an account with Gradintelligence, the service provider of the QMUL Student Status Letter and Student abroad transcript, once you are fully enrolled you will get an activation link sent to you.

You will receive your transcript at the end of your studies with us, if you are studying with us for a full academic year this will be after you complete both semesters. You will, however, have access to your provisional results after your first semester with us, but this will not be in a transcript format. If you are studying with us for only one semester you will receive this at the end of your semester.

Transcripts for students leaving in December are released in February. Transcripts for students studying within CCLS are managed separately, so please contact them directly for guidance:

Transcripts for all other students are released in July.

Your transcript will list each module you have taken, each module listing will also display a percentage mark to one decimal place and a module grade, which will be reported in the standard Queen Mary A–F format. For detailed information on what certain acronyms on your transcript mean and details on the grading system please read Understanding your Academic transcript.

Queen Mary transcripts will be published to the student and transferred back their home institution/ providers simultaneously via Gradintelligence. You should check with your home institution to find out if they translate grades into their own system or record them as given by Queen Mary.

Sharing Transcripts securely

You can share your Study Abroad transcript with anyone you like. Simply log into your account on and you will be in your dashboard. Simply select the 'share' option (to the right of the 'view' button) and follow the steps. Gradintelligence is a secure portal and sharing your document(s) through this platform means that Queen Mary has verified the data as accurate.

The recipient will receive an email with the subject line 'Gradintelligence Data Access Token' sent from 'Gradintelligence Document Services'.

You choose how many times your transcript can be viewed and how long your link will stay live. You can also set an alert so that you can be notified when your document has been viewed.

When you send your transcript, a separate authorisation token is also sent to ensure the safety of your information.

Hard copies of transcripts will not be available, however, if you need us to resend your Gradintel activation link or the above sharing method is not recognised by your recipient please contact us at:

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