Global Opportunities

Returnee information

Welcome Back to Queen Mary!

Please ensure you complete any documents requested by your host institution or organisation, as well as those sent to you by Queen Mary. If you have any questions at all about what you should complete upon or prior to returning to Queen Mary please contact the relevant contact for you programme. 

Useful Resources

  • Want to talk to someone about reverse culture shock or adjusting to life back at Queen Mary? Contact the Advice and Counselling Service for more information.
  • Want assistance to find accommodation when you return to Queen Mary?  Contact Housing Services for more information.
  • Want to relect on your experience abroad? We'll be sending you an evalutation form to complete upon your return. We also welcome your feedback via email or in person. 
  • Want to write about your experience? You can contribute to Queen Mary Global Bloggers Contact for more information
  • Learn how to market your experience abroad. Contact Queen Mary's Career and Enterprise for more information. 

If you're a current student studying abroad at Queen Mary and want Returnee Information. We hold Returnee Sessions prior to your departure from Queen Mary. We will send full details of this to you via email, or contact us on for more information. You should also contact your home school to find out the support they provide for returning students.