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International students

Payment of tuition fees

Payment Options

Click on the Pay my fees button for all available payment options including the new Transfermate and Flywire options.

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University Fee Regulations

University Fee Regulations 2022/23 [PDF 3,687KB]

These regulations are updated every year, you can access a list of archived and present Tuition Fee Regulations here.

Invoices and payments

Queen Mary will send an invoice for the full academic year from August each year. Postgraduate Research students who start part-way through the academic year will be sent a pro-rata invoice. Fees due in any academic year are payable before enrolment. Payment can be made at any time during the year prior to enrolment. If you do not pay the required amount of fees or provide proof of sponsorship, you will not be able to enrol.

Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)

Please note that after payment of your deposit, any subsequent payments of tuition fees will not be automatically reflected in the CAS. Further advance payments have to be manually updated on the CAS and as such you should allow up to ten days for this to happen. Please factor this in when applying for a visa appointment in your home country. If you are concerned that your CAS has not been updated with an advance payment made by either you or your financial sponsor, please email:, clearly stating your full name, applicant ID, programme you have applied for, amount paid and the date of payment. If you do wish to make an advance tuition fee payment we recommend you do this after you have secured your visa. A CAS cannot be updated once the status has changed to 'Used'.

Once you have received your CAS, we recommend that you read more about how to apply for Tier 4 student immigration permission by referring to the following page. 

Instalment Plans

Paying your tuition fees - Queen Mary University of London

If your fees are more than £1,000 per year, you can pay in instalments.

If you are a postgraduate student in receipt of the postgraduate or doctorial loan, you will need to provide the Fees Office with a copy of your Postgraduate Loan Summary letter.

If you are an international or postgraduate student, there is a £50 non-refundable charge for paying in instalments. This charge does not apply to home fee paying undergraduate students.

To arrange a instalment plan please refer to the Instalment plan guidance page.

Discount for prompt payment

Paying your tuition fees - Queen Mary University of London

Students whose university fees are £10,000 or higher will receive a 1% discount if they pay their fees in full before enrolment. The prompt payment discount applies to students who pay the overseas rate of fees on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and Home students on postgraduate programmes and MBBS Malta. It does not apply to Home fee paying undergraduate students and Channel Islands or Isle of Man students, where the fees are regulated by the UK government.

Students must deduct the 1% prompt payment discount when they make payment. The deadline for claiming a refund is the 31st January each academic year for student starting in September and the 30th April for student starting in January


If you are eligible for a refund as per the University Fee Regulations, you may submit a refund request via MySIS under the ‘My Finance’ section. 

Tuition Fee Deposits

In response to COVID-19, we have introduced additional flexibility to support postgraduate applicants applying to Queen Mary University of London in the 2021/22 academic year.  Please see our Refund Policy for deposit payments 2022-23 [PDF 275KB] for more information.

This policy applies to the 2022/23 academic year only and is in accordance with the University Fee Regulations.

Failure to pay tuition fees

Please note tuition fees are a student's responsibility. If a student is not paying the fees, it is still their responsibility to inform the Fees Office of their sponsor's details. If tuition fee payments are not made on time, the student will be classed as a Debtor and their registration with Queen Mary may be terminated.

If you fail to pay the required amount of tuition fees by the due dates for payment your registration as a student of QMUL could be terminated in accordance with Ordinance C3. De-registration normally takes place in February. If you are de-registered, you will not be able to take any QMUL examinations in this academic year. If you are de-registered, it may be possible to be reinstated once the debt is cleared, however this is subject to an administrative charge (currently £250) and you will not be reinstated until at least 12 months after you have been de-registered.

Ordinance C3: Termination of registration of a student in debt [PDF 8KB]

If you need financial advice please see the Advice and Counselling information for international students about financial options during studies. Please note the Advice and Counselling team will not be able to extend the tuition fee payment deadlines.


Protocol on fees

Queen Mary University of London, in common with all other UK institutions of higher education, is bound by legislation and regulations which embody the Government's policy on fees both for Home and Overseas students, including the provision that Home and European Union undergraduate students should contribute to the cost of their education through the payment of tuition fees.

Sanction Countries

Queen Mary University of London bankers, Barclays plc, in common with other UK banks are subjected to a series of regulations surrounding international payments that originate directly or indirectly from a number of countries which are subjected to economic sanction. These countries are

Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Myanmar (Burma), North or South Sudan, Syria and Venezuela.

Students must NOT make payment originating from these countries without the University’s approval. This can be obtained by contacting Hardeep Gill

You must ensure that any payments from sponsors to the University are only for amounts due to the University. Any monies due to you from the sponsor must be made directly to you.

Should you be in any doubt about whether a payment falls into this category, or wish to discuss this further, please contact Hardeep Gill, for further information.

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