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Institute of Health Sciences Education - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Staff Listing

Director's Office

Professor Arunthathi Mahendran - Institute Director
Professor Elspeth Alstead - Interim Deputy Director
Ms Alison Pettigrew - Interim Lead for Development Projects
Ms Sharon Otter - Executive Assistant & Office Manager
Dr Shahrar Ali - Assistant Institute Manager (Quality & Research)
Ms Adebimpe Sanyaolu - Assistant Institute Manager (Finance & Planning)
Mr Neil Rayment - Postgraduate Manager

Ms Karen Norman
- Institute Management Team Administrator
Ms Vanessa Thompson - Communications Officer

Centre for Medical Education

Professor Rakesh Patel - Head of MBBS
Professor Elspeth Alstead - Deputy Head of CME, Head of Year 3
Dr Robert Adalbert - Senior Lecturer Medical Sciences
Dr Erik Blair - Senior Lecturer in Medical Education
Dr Kristin Braun - Head of Graduate Entry Programme
Dr Mark Carroll - Honorary Senior Lecturer
Dr Tatiana Christides - Senior Lecturer in Medical Science
Dr Jon Fuller - Senior Clinical Lecturer
Prof Danë Goodsman - Professor in Medical Education / Academic Lead for Prehospital Medical Education
Dr Gareth Grier - Senior Lecturer in Pre-hospital care
Dr Nandini Hayes - Senior Lecturer in Medical Science

Prof Bruce Kidd
- Head of Year 4 and Deputy Dean for Education
Dr Sam Miles - Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Medical Education
Dr Esther Murray - Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology
Dr Nyree Myatt - Lecturer Medical Science
Dr Michael Page - Senior Lecturer in Education 
Dr Nimesh Patel - Senior Lecturer / Head of Assessment / Head of SSCs
Dr Lesley Robson - Reader / Head of Year 1 and 2
Dr Celia Woolf - Senior Lecturer in Interprofessional Teaching and Learning

Community Based Medical Education

Dr Will Spiring - Acting co-lead CBME/Clinical Senior Lecturer  / Head of Year 5
Maria Hayfron-Benjamin - Acting co-lead CBME/Senior Lecturer in Medical Education/Head Admissions FMD 
Ms Lynne Magorrian - CBME & Placement Quality Manager
Dr Shabana Bharmal - Clinical Lecturer
Dr Jenny Blythe Honorary Lecturer
Dr Siobhan Cooke - Senior Lecturer / Year 4 Unit Convener
Dr Dev Gadhvi - Clinical Lecturer
Ms Ellen Hall - CBME Recruitment & Events Administrator
Francesca Langridge - Administrator Year 1 and 2
Mr Jim Manzano - Administrator
Ms Chloe Millan- Senior Administrator
Dr Vidya Mistry - Clinical Lecturer
Dr Rohini Sabherwal - Clinical Lecturer
Dr Leila Saeed - Clinical Lecturer
Ms Kate Scurr - Administrator
Ms Lorane Smith - Administrator 
Dr Meera Sood - Clinical Lecturer (maternity leave)
Dr Safiya Virji - Clinical Lecturer
Ms Gillian Vythelingum - Deputy CBME Manager
Dr Yan-Ling Wong - Clinical Lecturer
Ms Sarah Wynne - CBME Administrator (maternity leave)
Ms Mahbuba Yasmin - CBME Administrator
Dr Louise Younie - Clinical Reader

Clinical, Communication and Learning Skills Unit

Professor Elspeth Alstead - Interim Head of Unit
Ms Yvonne Clay - Clinical Skills Centre Manager
Dr Nisha Ehamparanathan - Lecturer in Clinical Skills (maternity leave)
Dr Dason Evans - Reader in Medical Education, Head of Clinical Skills
Dr Riya George - Reader in Clinical Communication Skills and Diversity Education
Dr Katherine Joekes - Reader in Clinical Communication
Mr Duncan Laurence - Clinical Skills Centre Technician
Dr Resham Matharu - Chadburn Fellow for Clinical and Communication Skills
Dr Yang Ooi - Clinical Lecturer in Clinical Skills
Dr Sarah Siddiqui - Chadburn Fellow for Clinical and Communication Skills
Dr Fares Tellisi - Clinical Teaching Fellow Clinical and Communications Skills
Dr Christine Naganathan - Clinical Lecturer in Clinical Communication Skills
Dr Bharat Pahilwani - Clinical Lecturer in Clinical Skills 
Dr Devina Raval - Senior Lecturer in Clinical Skills (maternity leave)
Dr Anna Schmid - Lecturer in Clinical Communication
Dr Venkat Thiagarajan - Lecturer in Clinical Skills
Dr Harvey Wells - Senior Lecturer in Clinical Communication Skills
Dr Aidan Kendler-Rhodes - Clinical Teaching Fellow
Mr Mark Zarasate - Clinical Skills Centre Technician 
Mr Ade Folarin - Clinical Skills Centre Technician
Mr Michael Giles - Clinical Skills Centre Technician
Ms Afsana Begum - CCSU Administrator

Learning Innovation Team

Dr Pedro Elston - Academic Lead for E-Learning
Ms Karin Fernandes - E-Learning Technologist
Mr Gian-Paulo Canale - E-Learning Technologist
Mr Matthew Simmons - E-learning Technologist
Mr Nick Fisher - Lecturer in Medical Education (Digital Design)

Turnbull Centre (Anatomy and Physiology)

Dr Paula Vickerton - Lead for Anatomy/Senior Lecturer (maternity leave)
Dr Amir Hakim - Lead for Physiology/Senior Lecturer
Dr Lujain Alsadder - Senior lecturer Physiology
Mr Rejwan Ahmed - Turnbull Centre Manager
Miss Geetika Ail - Anatomy Lecturer
Dr John Broad - Anatomy and Physiology Lecturer
Dr Eduarda Bruco - Clinical Teaching Fellow (Physiology)
Dr Tracy Chan - Clinical Teaching Fellow (Anatomy)
Dr Frances Freer - Clinical Teaching Fellow (Anatomy)
Dr Jonathan Hall - Clinical Teaching Fellow (Physiology)
Mr Harrison Morgan - Turnbull Centre Anatomy Technician
Mr Brayan Restrepo - Turnbull Centre Anatomy Technician
Linnea Synchynshyn - Turnbull Centre Anatomy Technician

MSc Physician Associate Programme and Physician Associate Apprenticeship

Dr Brenda Manoharan- Head of Programme /GP
Louise Angwa - Clinical Lecturer
Dr Lucy Carter - Clinical Lecturer / EDI Lead (academic) IHSE / Senior Tutor /GP
Benice Danquah - Clinical Lecturer / PA
Dr Mizanul Hoque - Honorary Clinical Lecturer / GP 
Laila Hussain - Clinical Lecturer / PA
Haythem Jarad - Clinical Lecturer /PA
Jon Jezak - Lecturer / Lead Tutor for Healthcare Improvement
Dr Vinodh Krishnamurthy - Clinical Senior Lecturer / Deputy Head of Assessment MBBS
Dr Mythili Mahendran - Clinical Lecturer / Lead Tutor for Clinical Skills
Ms Janice Rolle -Course Administrator

Assessment Unit

Dr Nimesh Patel - Head of Assessment / Head of SSCs/ Reader in Medical Education
Dr Vinodh Krishnamurthy - Deputy Head of Assessment Year 3 and 4 MBBS / Senior Lecturer
Dr John Broad - Deputy Head of Assessment Year 1 and 2 MBBS / Anatomy and Physiology Lecturer
Adrian O'Brian - Manager
Adjoa Esuman-Gwira - Administrator
Ms Amareen Hussain - Administrator (Parts 1 & 3) maternity leave
Ms Stephanie King - Administrator (temp) maternity cover
Ms Lisa Lewis -  Administrator 
Ms Anne Musker - Administrator (Part 5)
Mr Hassan Noshib - Administrator
Ms Deepika Sachdeva - Administrator
Ms Stephanie Wigg - Prizes Administrator
Ms Noshin Khan - Records Manager

Student Office - Curriculum Operations

Mr Robert Sprott - Lead Curriculum Operations Manager
Mr Gilles Paoli- Acting Curriculum Operations Manager
Mr Tom Schindler - Deputy Operations Manager
Ms Karen Francis - Placements Operations Manager
Ms Laura Debrincat- Apprenticeship and Post-Graduate Manager (acting)
Mrs Rachel Nakalembe - Manager for MBBS Years 1 & 2
Mrs Rugina Monnan - Manager for MBBS Years 3 & 4
Mr Nahid Miah - Curriculum Operations Administrator MBBS Year 1
Ms Nadia Sookhroo Curriculum Operations Administrator MBBS Year 2
Mr Asad Miah- Curriculum Operation Administrator Y3 and Y4
Mr Nabil Rahman - Curriculum Operations Administrator Years 3 and 4
Ms Adriana Coracini - Deputy SSCs Manager
Ms Natasha Amos - SSCs Administrator
Ms Chatila Lewis - SSCs Administrator (maternity leave)
Mr Adrian Little - Deputy Placements Manager
Mr Michael Captain - Curriculum Operations Administrator Year 5
Ms Thuraisha Naidoo - Curriculum Operations Administrator Intercalated Degrees 
Mr Richard Jackson - Curriculum Operations Administrator MA and MSc
Ms Shahin Patel - Curriculum Operations Administrator - GEP, MEDPRO, SWARM

Finance and Planning

Ms Adebimpe Sanyaolu - Assistant Institute Manager (Finance & Planning)
Ms Kate McFarlane - Finance and Bursaries Manager
Ms Ayse Karaoglan - Finance Assistant (SIFT) Maternity Leave
Mr Sadique Uddin - Finance Assistant (Temp) Maternity Cover
Mr Mohammed Miah - Finance Assistant 


Mr Dan Burke - Governance Manager
Ms Charlotte Shelton - Governance Administrator

Learning Resource Unit
Mr Steve Moore - Education Resources Manager 

Museum & Galleries
Ms Carla Valentine - Pathology Museum Technical Curator / Public Engagement Officer

Ms Clare Button - Project Archivist 

Quality and Research

Dr Shahrar Ali - Assistant Institute Manager (Quality & Research)
Alison Pettigrew - Acting Head of Quality
Ms Lynne Magorrian - CBME & Placement Quality Manager
Ms Mariyam Begum - Quality Assurance Senior Administrator
Ms Lucy Power - Quality Assurance Administrator 
Ms Haley Barnes - Quality Assurance Administrator

Student Academic and Pastoral Support

Elliott Reed Head of Student Academic and Pastoral Support
Ms Jennifer Ogden Student Academic and Pastoral Support Manager (interim)
Ms Kate McFarlane - Finance and Bursaries Manager
Ms Esther Roach - Student Support Administrator
Ms Charlene Gill - Student Support Administrator
Ms Shereen Aly - Student Support Advisor


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