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Institute of Health Sciences Education - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Dr Nandini Hayes


Reader in Medical Sciences Year 2 Principle Internal Examiner Joint Lead for PBL



Nandini Hayes is a Reader in Medical Sciences who graduated in Medical Biochemistry from Royal Holloway College, University of London and completed her postgraduate degree in neuronal cell biology at the University of Kent. She joined Barts and the London School of Medicine in 2016, having previously taught at the University of East London, University of Roehampton and the University of Kent.

She is co-module lead for Fundamentals of Medicine module in year 1 of the MBBS course and Practical Skills for Professionals II on the CCFS (Certificate in Clinical Foundation Studies) course.  She is also the Principle Internal Examiner for year 2 , Senior Internal Examiner for PSPII and Joint Lead for PBL.

She has published widely in the fields of the neuronal and muscle cytoskeleton, optimising cultured cells for industrial protein production and epidermal growth factor signalling in cancer cells. 

Recent research and current interests focus around:

  1. i) supporting the transition to medical school. She has developed a 4-week transition programme to support and orientate incoming medical and dental students.
  2. ii) identifying and sharing innovative learning and teaching practises in medical education post-pandemic.



Foundation Year
CCFS: Practical Skills for Professional II

Undergraduate teaching
MBBS: Y1 Fundamentals of Medicine (co-module lead), Clinical Communications Skills, Student Selected Component

MBBS: Y2 Cancer Week (co-module lead), student selected component

MBBS Y4: Clinical Communications Skills

MBBS Y5: Doctors as Teachers and Educators course

Postgraduate teaching

Physician Associate MSc: Applied Sciences


BSc Module BIO603 (Project Skills in the Life Sciences)

Student selected component – year 2

Other roles

Senior Tutor

Y2 Principle Internal Examiner

Joint PBL lead

MEDPRO supervisor

CCFS Senior Internal Examiner


Research Interests:

Nandini Hayes is the principal investigator on a project which has been funded by a £20 000 ASME Board Award to explore the changes made to Phase 1 medical education in response to challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic across all UK medical schools.

The scope of the study is uniquely broad, not only in terms of schools surveyed, but in the areas of medical education investigated too: Admissions, Assessments, Curriculum, Digital Education, Equality Diversity and Inclusivity, Student Support, and Widening Participation.



Transition to Medical School in COVID Times, (2021), Eds Maria Hayfron Benjman and Nandini Hayes, p1-19. Distributed to all UK medical schools.


Sonel Patel, Nandini Hayes and Maria Teresa Esposito (2017) Trastuzumab Resistance: What are we offering to breast cancer patients? JClin Exp Oncol Vol: 6 Issue: 6

Mikayala D A King, Gareth W Phillips, Paola A Bigone, Nandini V L Hayes, Jennifer C Pinder and Anthony J Baines (2014) A conserved sequence in calmodulin regulated spectrin- associated protein 1 links its interaction with spectrin and calmodulin to neurite outgrowth. J Neurochem 128(3) 391-402 (20%)

Jennifer C. Pinder, Pamela M. Taylor-Harris, Pauline M. Bennett 1, Edward Carter2, Nandini V.L. Hayes, Mikayala D. A. King2, Mark R. Holt, Alison M. Maggs, Philippe Gascard and Anthony J. Baines (2012) Isoforms of protein 4.1 are differentially distributed in heart muscle cells: relation of 4.1R and4.1G to components of the Ca2+ homeostasis system Exp Cell Res Mar 10th Epub (10%)


Hayes, N.V.L., Blackburn, E., Boyle, M.M., Russell, G.A., Frost, T.M., Morgan, B.J.T. & Gullick, W.J. (2011) Expression of neuregulin 4 splice variants in normal human tissues and prostate cancer and their effects on cell motility. Endocrine-Related Cancer 18, 39-49 (80%)


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N.V.L. Hayes, C.M. Smales and P. Klappa (2010) Archetypal Protein Disulphide Isomerase Does Not Control Recombinant IgG4 Productivity in Mammalian Cell Lines Biotech Bioeng 105 (4) 770-779 (90%)


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Hayes, N, Howard Co-field E, Gullick W (2004) Green fluorescent protein as a tool to study epidermal growth factor receptor function. Cancer Lett 206 129-35 (70%)


Hayes, N. V. L., Scott C, Heerkens, E, Ohanian, V, Maggs A, Pinder, J. C. Kordeli, E, and Baines, A. J. (2000) Identification of a novel C-terminal variant of bII spectrin: two isoforms of bII spectrin have distinct intracellular locations and activities. J Cell Sci 113 2023-34 (70%)


Hayes, N. V. L., Philips, G. W., Carden, M. J. and Baines A.J. (1997) Definition of a sequence unique in bII spectrin required for its axon-specific interaction with Fodaxin (A60). J. Neurochem., 68 1686-1695 (70%)


Roobol, A., Holmes, F.E., Hayes, N. V. L., Baines, A. J. and Carden, M.J. (1995) Cytoplasmic

chaperonin complexes enter neurites: development in vitro and differences in subunit composition

within single cells. J. Cell. Sci. 108 Pt 4 1477-1488 (20%)


Hayes, N. V. L. and Baines, A. J. (1994) Axonal membrane-skeletal protein A60: association

with a brain spectrin binding activity, and entry into cerebellar axons at a stage after the initiation of axonal growth. J. Neurochem., 62 300-306 (90%)


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Hayes, N. V. L., Rayner, D. A. and Baines, A. J. (1991) Purification and properties of p103, a novel protein of postsynaptic densities. J. Neurochem, 57, 397- 405 (80%)


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Burston D, Hayes NVL, Sandu BK et al., (1987) The effect of various diets on growth and kinetics of uptake of gly-sar after re-feeding protein malnourished weaning rats. Journal of Gastroenterology, 25 (9): 620-621 (80%)




Hayes, N. V. L., Holmes, F. E, Roobol., A, Carden, M. J and Baines, A. J. (1997) Proteins of the

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Sonel Patel, Nandini Hayes and Maria Teresa Esposito (2017) Trastuzumab Resistance: What are We Offering To Breast Cancer Patients? J Clin Exp Oncol Vol: 6 Issue: 6 (40%)


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Nandini V L Hayes (2004). Live Cell Imaging in Anticancer Drug Development Current Drug Discovery Jan 2004 29-32 (100%)




2017 Invited by organiser to Enhancing Molecular Bioscience Education, Biochemical Society, University of Chester, UK


2016 Invited guest Voices East – Celebrating Civic Engagement, University of East London, Water Lane, London - participant


2013 Invited by organiser to Authentic Biology Research Symposium 2nd Annual meeting. Welcome Trust- participant


2012 Invited by organiser to Authentic Biology Research Symposium 1st Annual meeting. Queen Mary, University of London- participant


2011 Enhancing the understanding of the phenotypic development of neuronal cells on substrata of varying elasticities as a model system for screening of promising neuropathic pain targets 21st ESACT-UK Scientific Meeting, Hollywell Park Conference Center, Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK. Poster presented.


2009 Evaluation of the effect of manipulating CCT subunit levels on the cytoskeleton using RNAi and altering levels of PLP3.  20th Anniversary Chaperone Club Meeting, Warwick. Poster presented.


Annual BRIC (Bioprocess Research Industrial Club) dissemination meetings with academic and industrial partners.


  • 2009Modulation of Phosducin-Like Protein 3 Levels Promotes Cytoskeletal Remodelling in a MAPK and RhoA-Dependent Manner’ – invited speaker
  • 2008 ‘The effect of PDI knockdown on mammalian disulphide bond formation’- invited speaker
  • 2007 ‘Identification and characterisation of components involved in mammalian
  • disulphide bond formation’ – invited speaker


2008 Identification and Characterisation of Components Involved in Mammalian Disulphide Bond Formation 18th Annual ESACT-UK Scientific Meeting, Wellcome Trust Conference Centre, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire.  Poster presented


2008 BioProcessUK Annual Conference Developing Biological Medicines, Unravelling the Process, Brighton, UK. Poster presented


2008 Elucidating members of the PDI family Involved in Mammalian Disulphide Bond Formation 19th Chaperone Club Meeting, Charterhouse Square, Queen Mary, University of London. Poster presented


2008 Cell Culture Engineering XI, Hyatt Regency Coolum, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia – poster presented


2006 ML Murphy, SK Chan, S Zona, LBazley, NVL Hayes, WJ Gullick Why do most c-erbB2/HER2 positive breast cancer patients fail to respond to Herceptin? Herceptin Breast Cancer Campaign Conference Breast cancer research: the past and the future -The Royal Society, London. Poster presented


2006 N. V. L. Hayes, E. Blackburn, L. V. Smart, M. Boyle, G Russell, A..J. Baines and W.J. Gullick, ‘Alternative splicing of the Neuregulin 4 gene identifies a family of novel growth factors’. European Association Cancer Research Meeting in Budapest, Hungary. Poster presented


2005 Invited speaker by pharmaIQ to address meeting on ‘Improving Targeted/Cytoxic Combinations in Oncology Drug Development’ attended by Clinical Research Directors of most of the international drug companies at Hilton Heathrow, London.


2004 November American Society of Clinical Oncology. Improving Targeted Therapies In Cancer Treatment. Sheraton Chicago Hotel, Chicago, USA. Poster presented


2003 Invited speaker at a fluorescence microscopy meeting funded by Leica at Pirbright Institute of Animal Health, Surrey. Fluorescence and Live Cell Imaging – The Basics


2001 Pinder JC, Taylor-Harris PM, Hayes NV, Gascard PD, Maggs AM, Baines AJ.

Cytoskeletal Proteins in Heart Muscle. Cell Mol Biol Lett :6(2):227


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1998 Corcoran, S., Hayes. N. V.L., Nicol. S., Baines, A.J. and Thomas, H. Intracellular localisation of bII2 spectrin with GLUT 4 vesicles. Biochem Soc Trans Symposium Papers, 26 S107.


  1. American Society of Cell Biology 38th meeting in San Francisco, USA. Poster presented.


1997 I attended a two-day conference 'Neurology for Neuroscientists' in Oxford which aims to promote links between practising clinicians and research scientists. Attendance for this course was competitive and funds provided for by the guarantors of Brain. Poster presented


1997 Philips GW, Hayes NVL, Baines AJ Molecular cloning of fodaxin, an axonal protein which interacts with beta II spectrin and neurofilaments Mol Biol Cell 8 1026-1026


1997 Corcoran, S., Wylie., Hayes, N., Baines, A., and Thomas, H. Characterisation of spectrin isoforms associated with GLUT 4 vesicles. Biochem  Soc Trans Symposium Papers, 25 483S


1995 Hayes, N. V. L. and Baines, A. J. Selective interaction between the axonal cytoskeletal protein fodaxin (A60) and the C-terminal region of Beta(G) spectrin. Mol Biol Cell., 6 SS 1568.


1995 Nicol, S., Hayes, N.V.L., Bjork, J., Backman L. and Baines, A. J. Recombinant spectrin domains. Interactions with the neuronal cytoskeletal proteins fodaxin (A60) and synapsin I. Presented at the 10th European Cytoskeletal Forum, Stockholm, Sweden.


1995 Hayes, N. V. L., Holmes, F. E.,Grantham, J and Baines, A. J. A60, an axonal membrane-skeletal spectrin binding protein. Biochem Soc Trans Symposium Papers., 23 No 1 54-58.


1995 Grantham, J., Hayes, N. V. L. and Baines, A. J.  Activities of A60, an axon specific cytoskeletal protein. Biochem Soc Trans., 22 39S


1994 CNRS Jacques Monod conference on 'Mechanisms of Exocytosis' at La Londe les Maures, France (poster and oral communication). Selection for this was competitive.


1994 Roobol, A., Holmes, F. E., Hayes, N. V. L, Baines, A. J and Carden M. (1994) Cytosolic chaperonin complexes in the neurone-like ND7/23 cell line. Biochem  Soc Trans Symposium Papers, 22 No2 177 September 1994.  Invited speaker at the Biochemical Society Annual Meeting, a lecture presented at the 'Neuronal cytoskeleton' symposium.


1993 Hayes, N. V. L., Holmes, F. E. and Baines, A. J. Axonal membrane-cytoskeletal protein A60 in neuronal differentiation: Translocation from a near Golgi location to axons. Mol Biol Cell., 4 276a 1600


1993 Invited speaker at the Society of Experimental Biology Annual Meeting held at the University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent. A lecture was presented at the 'Plasma-membrane associated cytoskeleton of animal cells' symposium. Conference organisation


1992 Hayes. N. V. L. and Baines A. J. The axonal membrane cytoskeletal protein A60 and the development of the spectrin/ankyrin-based neuronal membrane skeleton. Biochem Soc Trans Symposium Papers., 20 649-652


1991 P103 and A60: novel proteins of the membrane-associated cytoskeleton. Biochem Soc Trans Symposium Papers 57 No 2 397-405

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