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Institute of Health Sciences Education - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry


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Five-year MBBS programme

Designed to equip you with a fundamental knowledge and understanding of medicine and to develop the skills and attitudes you need in order to apply that knowledge in practice.

More about our five-year MBBS programme

MBBS for graduate entrants

Our Graduate Entrant’s Programme (GEP) provides an opportunity for graduates in science and health-related studies to obtain an MB BS degree within four years.

More about our MBBS GEP

Intercalated BSc in Medical Education

This BSc aims to give you a firm grounding in the principles and practice of medical education, preparing you not only to be a good teacher, but also to become involved with designing and running courses, assessments and quality assurance programmes and, of course, ongoing educational research.

More about our Intercalated BSc in Medical Education

Intercalated BSc in Pre-hospital Medicine

This BSc is designed to provide students contemplating a career in pre-hospital medicine with a strong foundation in the science and practical skills required for success in pre-hospital medicine, which are also highly relevant to other acute care specialties. Further, it will provide students with significant grounding in inter-professional working, leadership and service governance.

More about out our Intercalated BSc in Pre-hospital Medicine

MSc in Pre-hospital Medicine (starting Sept 2019)

This is a part-time Masters programme for doctors and paramedics who wish to gain an advanced knowledge in prehospital medicine and who want to make a difference within their healthcare professions. The MSc brings together key areas of theory and practice necessary for advanced practioners. Focussing on both the tried and tested and the novel - combining concepts, materials and practice to form the technical and non-technical basis for praxis. The programme will be run in partnership with the Institute of Pre-hospital Care (IoPHC) at London’s Air Ambulance, world leaders in the field of prehospital medicine.  Modules are synergistic and together form a basis for an exciting Master’s level degree programme. For example, a focus on human factors, simulation and performance is joined with modules exploring cutting-edge science applied to patients who present in the pre-hospital phase of care toward providing a holistic, realistic, practice-based medical education. Each module includes taught materials from experts in subject areas and enhanced by bridging assignments that bind concepts and ideas. Ultimately, the degree is relevant for those who are passionate about this specialty, with each taught component having direct relevance for those who regularly practice in the field.

More about out our MSc in Pre-hospital Medicine programme.

MA in Education for Clinical Contexts 

This course aims to attract particularly committed educators working in and around clinical contexts, who seek to both improve teaching and learning and to understand more fully the educational potential of their working environment. 

More about our MA in Education for Clinical Contects MA

PG Cert in Education for Clinical Contexts

More about our Certificate in Education for Clinical Contexts

MSc in Physician Associate Studies

The programme has been designed to give students the skills and knowledge required to become an effective Physician Associate (PA). 

More about our Physician Associate Studies MSc

Certificate in Clinical Foundation Studies

This programme has been designed to provide students from our partner institutions abroad with foundation skills and knowledge required to enrol on the MBBS.

More about our Certificate in Clinical Foundation Studies

Research Degrees at the IHSE

We are able to offer high levels of support to full and part-time PhD students who wish to undertake medical education research.

More about applying for a Research degree.

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