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Institute of Health Sciences Education - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Professor Graham Easton


Professor of Clinical Communication Skills and Lead for Team Based Learning

Twitter: @@drgrahameaston


Graham is an academic GP with extensive experience in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education, including leadership roles for QMUL [Professor of Clinical Communication Skills], UCL Medical School [Co-Lead for Diploma in Medical Education Programme UCL/RCP], Imperial College Medical School [Acting Head of Undergraduate GP Teaching and a Programme Director for GP Specialty Training], King’s College [International Fellow], the RCGP [Curriculum Editor] and the London Deanery [Course Lead for Introduction to Teaching in Primary Care]. He has particular expertise in clinical communication skills (internationally and in UK), with a strong track record in faculty development, education research and medical journalism.

Graham worked as a senior Producer for the BBC Science Unit for many years, and presented Case Notes, Radio 4’s flagship medical programme for 5 years. He is a regular guest and occasional presenter of BBC Health Check, the BBC’s global health radio programme. He has a particular interest in the use of narratives in medical education which he studied at the Institute of Education. Current collaborative projects include a new module on Realist Acting and the Doctor-Patient Encounter with the School of Drama, and an AHRC funded research project “Communicating Through Covid” with the arts company Performing Medicine.


Graham teaches communication skills and clinical skills across all years of the MB BS programme. He supervises students on the Engaging the Public in Science Module, F2 Teaching Fellows, Academic F2s,  leads on Paper 4B exam for MB BS, and is a Med Pro supervisor.


Research Interests:

Graham’s research interests are in narrative learning in medical education, clinical communication skills and general practice.


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