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Institute of Health Sciences Education - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Dr Pedro Elston


Lecturer in Medical Education (E-Learning)

Twitter: @@DrPedroElston


Dr Elston graduated from UCL with a PhD in Skeletal Tissue Biochemistry, and was previously a secondary science teacher, and a researcher of osteoblast mineralisation, before taking up roles in medical education curriculum development. He is currently a lecturer in medical education, with a focus on e-learning, and is head of the E-learning Unit - a mix of technologists and academics, whose role is to provide support and guidance on the delivery of online education.


His current projects include: improvement of the virtual learning environment, use of VR in medical education, humanisation of online education, mixed mode education delivery, and the role of asynchronous content post-COVID.


PBL Tutor

MEDPRO Supervisor

Lectures on the Skeletal System


Research Interests:

Dr Elston is collaborating with Lancaster university on the causes of poor mineralisation in humans which leads to life-altering conditions such as osteoporosis. His PhD work focused on the chemical composition of bone material, including post-translational modifications of collagen in healthy bone tissues, and its impact on mechanical strength.


He is interested in the development of new technologies and their role in the rapidly changing education landscape, such as virtual reality, mixed mode education, and the increasing role of well designed asynchronous resource. These new technologies bring their own problems, including as we have witnessed through COVID, diminished social development among our students, which has implications for mental health as well as academic success. The humanisation of online learning may play a key role in alleviating these issues.




Elston, P., Churchwell, J., Goodship A., Kerns, J.G., Birch H., (2016). The Relationship between Mineral to Collagen Ratio, Ultrastructure and Mechanical Properties: Differences within a Single Species. Orthopaedic Proceedings, Vol. 98-B.




  • The Impact of Attendance on Attainment (2019, St George‚Äôs UoL)
  • Raman Spectroscopy in Research (2018, Lancaster university)
  • The Chemical Composition of Bone Tissue and Mechanical Properties (2017, British Orthopaedic Research Society)
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