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The Project

Front of a shop where migrants can remit to family and friends

Working with Somali, Brazilian and Indian migrants in London, Cardiff and Glasgow, this project addresses three gaps in the understanding of remittances and care practices. First, it examines shifts in the nature, patterns and direction of remittance sending in response to Covid-19, tracking the impact of the pandemic on migrants’ labour market experiences, particular ethnic, racial and gendered vulnerabilities to the virus and how they are responding to the needs of transnational families. Second, it redresses a bias in remittance studies by exploring the implications of disrupted remittance flows on the wellbeing of migrant communities.  . Third, it investigates how migrants’ access to remittance services has been affected by Covid-19, and the impacts of increased digitisation of financial services.  

The project adopts a mixed-methods approach, developed in collaboration with policy, industry and migrant community stakeholders. It combines a survey with qualitative interviews and secondary data analysis. Research findings will be shared via community spotlight workshops, an animated film, Industry and Policy briefs with evidence-based recommendations, academic articles and blogs and podcasts hosted on our website and shared via social media.  

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