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Are there any historic landfills near me?

In England and Wales, there are approximately 20,000 historic landfills recorded in the Historic Landfill Sites National Dataset. More sites may exist as it is believed records are incomplete (Cooper et al., 2013). The locations of historic landfill sites are shown on this Environment Agency map (the landfills are shown in red when you zoom into the area you’re interested in). Details of the sites can be obtained by downloading the datasets and opening them in GIS software, e.g. QGIS or ArcMAP. For further information about individual landfill sites please contact the Environment Agency.

Are there any historic coastal landfills near me?

This map shows the locations of historic coastal landfills (this map was created using Environment Agency datasets click here and here for licencing details). Also shown are the locations used in QMUL research. Zoom into the area you are interested in and click on a landfill site (shown in orange) to see details of the site name, reference number, etc.


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