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School of Geography


"Community perspectives on Covid-19": Community Spotlight Workshop with community leaders and migrant organisations discussing the impact of Covid-19 on Indian, Brazilian and Somali migrants in London, Cardiff and Glasgow. Find more about what was discussed in our report and in our blog. 25th March 2021.

Remittances as social practices of care: what happens in times of crisis?”: paper presentation at The Social Life of Care conference (Cambridge University - UK). 15th May 2021.

“Sustaining remittances as practices of care during COVID-19”: paper presentation and session organisation “Dis(connecting) across borders during Covid-19: Migrants transnational practices of care giving & receiving" at the RGS-IBG conference. 1st September 2021.

“Navigating risk in the pandemic: early insights from research with migrant communities”: paper presentation at the SOAS Symposium on Covid-19. 23rd September 2021.

“Researching remittances: Insights from UK migrants’ practices of remittance sending during Covid-19”:  paper presentation at Just Remit Conference (University of Leiden – Belgium). 12th October 2021.

“Crisis, migrant remittances and Covid-19”: presentation of preliminary findings at the Crisis Management and Prevention conference, William Harvey Day 21, Queen Mary University of London. 20th October 2021.

"Digital remittance sending practices during the Covid-19 pandemic: Opportunities & limitations": Community Spotlight Workshop with community and industry stakeholders. 25th November 2021.

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