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School of Geography

Migralac Research Register

  • Diego Acosta Arcarazo Right to migrate, mercosur, south american conference on migration, irregular migration, free movement
  • Juan Artola
  • Mette Louise Berg Migration, diasporas, transnationalism, questions of belonging and generation, the anthropology of education and social
  • Anastasia Bermudez Latin American migration, Colombia, transnationalism, gender, political participation, integration
  • Katerina Chatzikidi Afro-Brazilians, Black Atlantic, Memory, Heritage, Quilombos
  • Gina Crivello Children, youth, mobility, migration, gender, space
  • Michael Derham Venezuela, Canary Islands, Galicia, Marcos Pérez Jiménez, nation building, integration
  • David Doyle Political economy, comparative politics, ideology, remittances, social spending
  • Charlotte Fialia Migration politics, Europeanisation, Regularisation programmes, Ecuadorian migration to Spain
  • Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh Forced migration; educational migration; Middle Eastern and North African migrants to and in Cuba; refugees in Cuba; Transculturation/Fernando Ortiz; Migration and Cuban national identity; gender and generation; religion and migration
  • Maria Franco Gavonel Internal migration, poverty, childhood, young adulthood
  • Vanessa Elisa Grotti Social and Medical Anthropology, Amazonia, Indigenous and Tribal People, Healthcare and welfare across borders, Rainforest borders, Migration, Suriname, French Guiana, Brazil
  • Roberto Herrera Carassou Theory, methodology, science,  research, migration, sociology
  • David Howard Social and urban geography, postcolonial and development studies
  • Annette Idler Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding, Transnational Organised Crime, cocaine business, Citizen Security, Governance
  • Liliana Lyra Jubilut Refugees, asylum seekers, forced migration, human rights, Brazil, Latin America
  • Marcela Ibarra Mateos Sociocultural transformation and international migration, Forced displacement and dispossession, violence and migration
  • Susanne Melde Human rights, migration, migration policy, law, Argentina
  • Fabiola Mieres Labour migration, forced labour, labour contractors, everyday precarity, governance of migration, segmented labour markets
  • Rosina Márquez Reiter Sociolinguistics of diaspora, latino linguistic practices, identities and linguistic ideologies
  • Sarnata Reynolds Refugees, IDPs, stateless, displacement, Mexico, organised crime
  • Isabel Ruiz Remittances, foreign direct investment, international migration, economic development, emerging markets, Latin America
  • Olivia Sheringham Transnationalism, return migration, creolization, identity, belonging, home
  • Jason Stanyek Brazilian music and dance; anthropology of sound; technology and memory; popular culture; diasporic musics
  • Imaobong Umoren
  • Carlos Vargas-Silva
  • Simona Vezzoli Migration determinants, origin country, independence, borders, post-colonial ties, migration dynamics
  • Ramón Ant. Victoriano-Martínez (Arturo) Identity, rayano, Dominican Republic, Haiti, urban representations
  • Maria Villares-Varela Labour market, immigrant entrepreneurship, gender and migration
  • Alfred Woeger Mexico, migration data, migration policy, integration, migration and development, human rights
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