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School of Geography

Roberto Herrera Carassou

Roberto Herrera Carassou is a Professor at the Centro de Estudios Sociológicos, Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales UNAM in México. Without a theoretical knowledge of the migration process it is very difficult to explain that social phenomenon.  But the attempt to endow the study of human migration from a scientific status is still far to be fully reached.  The Interdisciplinary nature of the study of migration and its intrinsic complexity has been obstacles to accomplish that goal. But one of the main reasons why the scientific explanations on population mobility is still so far of being fully discussed by the research community is due to the lack of information that exits on the theoretical contributions made so far by researchers from all over the world. Although it is impossible to make a comprehensive review on everything that has been published on this issue every day I have been interested in classifying by themes any published work on migration theory and methodology I can find and read. A first attempt to resume a fairly acceptable state of the art on this issue was published in my book La Perspectiva Teórica en el Estudio de las Migraciones.  

Keywords: theory, methodology, science,  research, migration, sociology

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