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School of Geography

Fabiola Mieres

Fabiola Mieres is a PhD student in Politics/International Political Economy at the Brooks World Poverty Institute and the University of Manchester. Fabiola's research interests lie at the intersection of migration studies and international political economy. Particular in forms of recruitment of labour migrants, as the ways in which these processes shape workplace and everyday experiences of migrant workers. She researches the qualitative and quantitative transformation taking place in transnationalised labour markets that push for further segmentation and fragmentation of migrant labour. Fabiola looks at the interplay between (im)migration and protection policies at the national, regional and local levels and the ways in which they provide a fragmented governance structure for labour contractors to manage flexibility. Her focus is on Mexico and the United States corridor but more recently studying Central America and the demand for flexible labour from the US and Canada, as well as the emergence of contractors within the dysfunctional migration architecture.

Keywords: labour migration, forced labour, labour contractors, everyday precarity, governance of migration, segmented labour markets /

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