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Rosina Márquez Reiter

Rosina Márquez Reiter is Reader at the University of Surrey. Her research interests include intercultural communication between speakers of Spanish from different backgrounds, institutional talk, face management and the sociolinguistics of mobility. She is author of Linguistic Politeness in Britain and Uruguay (John Benjamins, 2000), Spanish Pragmatics (Palgrave/Macmillan, 2005 with M.E. Placencia) and Mediated Business Interactions. Intercultural Communication between speakers of Spanish (Edinburgh University Press, 2011) and various edited collections including A Sociolinguistics of Diaspora: Latino practices, identities and ideologies (Routledge, 2014). She’s currently examining the way in which members of the Latin American ethnolinguistic group in London discursively (re)construct and (re)negotiate their individual and collective identities on the basis of linguistic ethnographic research

Key words: Sociolinguistics of diaspora, latino linguistic practices, identities and linguistic ideologies.

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