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School of Geography

Mapping Palaeolithic Britain - Publications

  • Ashton, N., Harris, C.R.E. and Lewis, S.G. (in press) Frontiers and routeways from Europe: the Early Middle Palaeolithic of Britain. Journal of Quaternary Science.
  • Harris, C.R.E., Ashton, N. and Lewis, S.G. (in prep) The formation of the British early Palaeolithic record: The influence of collecting.
  • Ashton, N., Lewis, S.G. and Harris, C.R.E. (2015) The distribution of early Palaeolithic sites in Britain. In: Ashton, N. & Harris, C.R.E. (eds), No Stone Unturned: Papers in Honour of Roger Jacobi. London: LSS, pp. 19-30.
  • Conference Papers
  • Harris, C.R.E, Ashton, N. and Lewis, S. (2016) The distribution of early Palaeolithic sites in Britain. Palaeolithic Mesolithic Conference at the British Museum, 20-22 October 2016.
  • Harris, C.R.E. (2015) Worthington G Smith: his haunts and relics. MicroPasts Conference: Crowd-sourcing and Crowd-funding our Human Past, Royal Geographical Society, 31 March 2015.
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