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Institute of Dentistry - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Professor Farida Fortune, BDS, MBBS, MRCP, FRCP, FRCS, FDS RCSeng, FGDP, FRSA,FHEA, PhD, Dip Ed. teachers Med&Dent


Professor of Medicine in Relation to Oral Health

Telephone: +44 20 7882 8484
Room Number: G80, Blizard Building, Institute of Dentistry


Professor Fortune is Professor of Medicine in relation to Oral Health.

Director of Centre for Immunobiology and Regenerative Medicine

Director of London Behçet's Centre of Excellence

Senior Fellow Queen Mary Policy Institute.

Graduated in both Dentistry and Medicine from University College, University of London., and obtained PhD at UMDS (United Medical Schools of Guys and St Thomas) University of London.

Specialist registers:  Oral Medicine in Dentistry (GDC), Immunology in Medicine (GMC).

2002 recruited to the position of Professor of Medicine in Relation to Oral Health at Queen Mary University of London

Honours, awards, and positions held:

CBE for services to Dentistry.

Prestigious Colyer Gold Medal for significant contribution to the profession through research, teaching and clinical work

Honorary FRCS - “highest honour the College can award”

Slack Medal- particularly outstanding contribution to the College and its successors.

Professor of Oral Medicine - Leeds University, Honorary Consultant                                                 

Senior Lecturer in Immunology and Honorary Consultant in Oral Medicine - UMDS.

Dean and Director of the Institute Director of Dentistry QMUL

Clinical Director for Dentistry, Head and Neck including Maxillofacial surgery and ENT.

Oral Medicine-President and Council member-British Society of Oral Medicine. Recognised expertise in Oral Medicine, Clinical Immunology, Oral manifestations of Systemic Disease and Rare diseases

President of Odontology section of Royal Society of Medicine

FRCP Royal College of Physicians

FRCS Royal College of Surgeons

BD Centres UK- membership of the European Reference Network RITA (ERN).


Social Mentoring-works extensively with local communities and mentors’ doctors, dentists and scientists trying to navigate the complex environments of the HEIs and NHS. Provides 1:1 support for staff, and nationally for women and excluded groups.

Covid- participation in 3 invited national and international Webinars’ initially addressing increased deaths in excluded communities and health workers; community health mistrust through lived experience; and vaccine uptake through localism. Localism project with targeted posters translated into 19 languages. Using community advocates these had national and international reach. Showcased on BBC news broadcaster ’localism works’.

Education and Health Extensive experience in teaching within both the undergraduate and postgraduate sector in UK and internationally. Expertise is in curriculum development, assessment methodology and quality assurance.

Chaired Royal College of Surgeons examination committee. Seminal in the reintroduction of the LDS RCSeng., the first licensed examination in Dentistry.

Founding member of Inter-professional Education Network of Royal Society of Medicine member of (UKHEAC) UK Healthcare Education Advisory Committee.

Strategic focus  

National-Widening access and increasing uptake into higher education. Works with schools to develop aspiration in schoolchildren from the earliest years. Chaired London Healthcare Education Widening Access Committee. High quality teaching and training implemented using community and community outreach programs for teaching and training.

Global- Committed to global collaboration to enhance health and education. Focus abroad to build capacity and increase uptake using non-traditional models of education and clinical training.

Embed health and education within the contextual focus of national and societal cultures, and economics. Ongoing programs in Africa are with Global Knowledge Education Network (GKEN) an African diaspora group of academics and like-minded persons, with universities in several countries to deliver and exploit technology for affordable access to health and education, through UN Sustainable Goals (WASD).

Effect of Climate change on non-visible societies

Stakeholder interest group-Health and Education-EU Parliament.

Co-chaired New York -UN sustainable Goals-focussing on countries in Africa, South America, and Asia.

Co-convened WASD conference -Making Universities work for the UN sustainable development goals.

Research- Main research focus is epithelial biology, including mucosal disease and oral cancer. Interest and expertise in Behçet's disease and member of the medical advisory panel to the Behçet's Syndrome Society. Together with Behçet's Society secured funding to set up three dedicated Centres in England for the management of this condition.

Recent Large grants

Behçet's Centre of Excellence £10m over 5years.

Clinical trials Behçet's Centres-£1.2m

Global health NIHR co-applicant, Jonathan Grigg PI -6 African countries-2.5m 

Centre: Centre for Oral Immunobiology and Regenerative Medicine(COIRM)


Research Interests:

Research Interests:

Centre Director

Research programmes within COIRM covering wide range of applied clinical research and basic science. The includes several research groups includes Oral Biology, Oral Microbiology, Oral Pathology, Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery and Oral Maxillofacial Radiology,Centre for Oral Clinical Research and Behçet's within Clinical and diagnostic Oral Sciences.  The COIRM also provides teaching support for all the above specialties in the undergraduate Dental curriculum and participates in BSc course. COIRM also runs postgraduate courses in master’s in clinical dental science, Masters in Experimental Oral Sciences as well as a full programme of PhD students and DClinDent.

Centre has a very strong research focus. Developed our research portfolio to encompass a basic and translational focus, which fits the wider research strategy of the Institute of Dentistry and QMUL. The Centre has invested in establishing a major research group in Oral Cancer within the Institute of Dentistry. We have built strong links with the local community, as well as international collaborators in countries where oral cancer has a major impact of health services. Oral cancer and immunity and infection research will form a major focus for us in the next 10 years.

The Oral Oncology research crosses several areas within the Institute of Dentistry and the Institutes of Cell and Molecular Biology, Cancer, as well as Engineering and Material Science at QMUL. Links within the Institute of Dentistry are robust particularly with the Public Health A research driven clinical multidisciplinary clinic for the follow up of precancerous oral lesions will be embedded in the BLT academic units.

Major focus on infection/inflammation and wound healing. This research will be supported by the Clinical specialties within COIRM

Primary interests of own research-focus on the role of inflammation and immune related mucosal diseases. Special interested in the influence of the genetic profile on inflammatory mucosal disease; the microenvironment changes and the genetic basis of oro-facial systemic diseases; the influence of inflammatory status on wound healing and the prognosis and the regulation of healing in normal, fibrotic, and ulcerative lesions affecting the oral mucosa.

Facial biometrics started in 1996 at UMDS. At QMUL The facial measurements for dysmorphology with Drs. LiFong Zu along with added functionality to measure inflammation indicated by increased blood flow. This was followed by adding an infra-red laser.  Drs. LiFong Zu and Adegun have made a unique contribution to biometrics. This has now been used for accurate analysis for facial dysmorphology to assist clinical treatment. Developed working alongside Professor Dan Bader, Adegun, develop a technique called Scattering Attenuation Microscopy (SAM) to be used for the early detection of oral cancer as well as other mucosal lesions.

Effect of oral disease on outcomes general health the immunology and outcomes of mucosal diseases and systemic disease presenting in the Oral tissues, e.g., renal diseases post renal transplant, inflammatory bowel disease Haemato-oncology after bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy-Graft Versus Host disease.

Systemic manifestations of oral disease. Some of these are: specific mucosal immune mediated diseases and the effect on mucosal tissue by manipulating the oral microbiome.

Developed a low-cost medication to effectively treat and manage ulcerative lesions, mucositis post stem cell transplant, GVHD, immune and inflammatory mucosal and bowel disease

Director of the London Centre of Excellence for Behçet's disease. She is leads the largest of the 3 national commissioned Centres in the UK. Operated with a multidisciplinary clinical team. The clinic is protocol lead with outcomes feeding into the laboratory and clinical research. Impact of Behçet's Centres- decrease in time to diagnosis, decrease visual loss. Introduction low-cost medication saving £18k per patient per year to London centre. Management of patient well- being and treatment during COVID, results less COVID in Behçet's than normal population and less ITU admissions.

Centre conducts clinical trials as part of the UK Behçet’s Network. We work closely with the International Behçet’s Society, our European network of clinicians and research and both our national and international patients’ organisation.
Research interests are the immunology and outcomes of other mucosal diseases and systemic disease presenting in the Oral tissues, e.g., renal diseases post renal transplant Haemato-oncology after bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy-Graft Versus Host disease.

The mouth is an important site to assist in the diagnosis and monitor disease activity e.g., graft versus host disease, mucosal effects of changes in the oral microflora, or the direct effects of complicated medication regimes on the mucosa.

Gastroenterology (inflammatory bowel diseases) - has special expertise with patients with Orofacial granulomatous and Oral Crohn's disease. The work in this area is part of the Biometrics program (Dr LiFong Zu). Along with the clinical team provided input to several Paediatric Centres across the UK. Together with a major children's charity (CICRA) which funds their research, the team has prepared information leaflets for children and parents with this problem.

Immunology/auto inflammatory conditions - clinical research regarding the diagnosis of immune and inflammatory conditions. It is not uncommon to make the diagnosis of systemic disease in oral medicine clinics, with patients sent from the primary care sector.


Articles: 146

Books: 3 books &3 book chapters

Peer reviewed articles: last 5 years:

1: Novak T, Hamedi M, Bergmeier LA, Fortune F, Hagi-Pavli E. Saliva and Serum Cytokine Profiles During Oral Ulceration in Behçet's Disease. Front Immunol. 2021 Dec 22; 12:724900. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2021.724900. PMID: 35003055; PMCID: PMC8727526.

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