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Institute of Dentistry - Barts and The London

Dr David Gillam, BA, BDS, MSc, DDS, FRSPH, MICR


Clinical Reader in Translational Research in relation to Dentistry.

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7882 8665
Room Number: Office 11, Floor 4, Institute of Dentistry


Prior to joining QMUL in 2009 I gained extensive clinical experience in Germany and the UK working in general dental practice and community dentistry before undertaking a part time Master’s course in Periodontology at Guys Dental Hospital. I also worked at King’s Dental Hospital teaching both Dental Hygienists and Undergraduate students (1986-1988). I then worked for approximately 10 years at the Eastman Dental Institute for Oral HealthCare Sciences (1989-1998) as a Research Fellow, Senior Research Fellow and University Lecturer. My main research interests included dentine Hypersensitivity and I conducted several clinical and laboratory studies as a Principal and Sub-Investigator as well as supervising MSc and associated projects (approximately 12).

During this time, I completed a three-year DDS thesis and entered the Specialist list for Periodontology. On leaving the University in 1998, I worked within Industry for several years (1998-2001) initially with SmithKline Beecham (Assistant Director in Oral care), and subsequently with Block Drug Company, Incorporated, USA (Assistant Director in Oral Care). During this time, I was involved in both laboratory and Clinical research in a managerial capacity and up to 2005 I had an Honorary Senior Lecturer position with UCL (Eastman Dental Institute). Following a short period of Consultancy with a European Company (Oral Care), I joined 4-Front Research as a Research Dentist in 2003. In this capacity I have been a Clinical Investigator, study dentist and clinical assessor for clinical studies on oral care products, which has also involved working with and supervising dental hygienists. 

Centre: Oral Bioengineering


I provide lectures and seminars to both undergraduate and postgraduate students on a number of dental topics as well as marking and assessing undergraduate (2-5 Year BDS and DCP) and postgraduate as an Internal Examiner (Msc, MClin Dent, D Clin Dent and MSC courses). I also act as an internal Examiner for PhD progress reports. Currently I am a Personal Tutor for Group 4.3 BDS as well as supervising a number of undergraduate (SSC) and postgraduate projects and assignments (MSc, D Clin Dent and PhD). I am one of the AOH representatives on the PhD postgraduate committee.


Research Interests:

I have experience in conducting approximately 50 Masters projects (including D Clin Dent and PhD) since 1990 and this has enabled me to help and teach research skills to primarily postgraduate students and complete the research project in the allocated time. I also have co-Supervised 4 PhD students (One completion). Most of these projects have subsequently been either presented (by the students) at conferences or published in peer reviewed journals.

My main research interests are in periodontology and in the management of Dentine Hypersensitivity and currently collaborates with Professor Robert Hill in the development of innovative oral care products, for example, novel bioactive glasses, hydroxyapatite toothpastes and mouthwashes for the treatment of various dental conditions. Dr Gillam has published over 100 papers and book chapters on a number of dental topics. Dr Gillam is also a referee for a number of dental journals and Editorial Boards. In 2009, I was a co-investigator with Professor Francis Hughes on a Clinical and Biological markers study which was part of a PhD study. I have also been a joint collaborator with Professor Robert Hill on a series of patents (Toothpaste and Mouthwash), as well as liaising with major Consumer HealthCare and Dental Companies on a series of dental materials for example bioactive glass, short chain polypeptides.

These activities have enabled the Dental Physical Sciences Unit to bring in finance to complete Masters and PhD projects as well as presenting the research at both national and International meetings. This has culminated in the team lead by Professor Robert Hill (Dr David Gillam, Dr Natalia Karpukhina and Pushkar Wadke) being awarded a £25,000 Materials science Venture Prize, awarded by the Worshipful Company of Armourers and Brasiers. As a result, major Dental Companies have approached QMUL as well as the University gaining extensive coverage in the Dental and National press. This research has led to a QMUL spin off Company (Biomin Technologies) which has developed and produced a novel toothpaste currently being sold in several International countries (e.g. India, China).

I am currently a Non-Executive Director and Clinical Consultant for the Company. Further collaboration with another Consumer HealthCare Company lead to the development of a mouth rinse and toothpaste which is currently on sale in major retailers such as Boots. I have also been involved in the team led by Dr Mangala Patel (Agron Hoxton and Dr Andy Bushby) developing a novel dental product for early stage caries prevention and we have received several awards e.g., Barts Innovations in Healthcare Awards - Dragon's Den Style Award (£1500) and a QMI Proof of Concept Fund (£44,000).

I am the current Chair of the Internal Peer review Committee for assessing Staff and postgraduate projects prior to an Ethics Submission.


Key Papers:

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