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Institute of Dentistry - Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Dr David Mills, PhD. MPhil. BSc, RAE, NRAE


Lecturer in Imaging and Calcified Tissue

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7882 5978
Room Number: Office G27, Francis Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus


David graduated in 1999 with a BSc in Physics and then went on to develop detector control hardware for the ATLAS detector at CERN, before returning to QMUL to gain a PhD. As part of the PhD he discovered the phenomena of Solidification Driven Extrusion (

 He joined the Dental Institute in 2009 to work on designing and building a new x-ray microtomography system to image sealed parchment rolls and other heritage artefacts. As part of his interest in heritage science, David sits on the Heritage Science Committee of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

David is also interested in mineralised tissues, specifically comparative anatomy, development and pathology of mammalian and reptilian teeth. 

David is currently the XMT facilities manager in the Dental Institute.

Centre: Oral Bioengineering


David teaches statistics (MED3001), medical imaging (MED3005) and skeletal and dental anatomy (MED3004) on the Certificate in Clinical Foundation Studies (CCFS) program in the Dental Institute.


Research Interests:

 David’s main research interest is the interaction of radiation and matter. In the Dental Institute that has developed into various imaging techniques for analysis of mineralised tissues, and the development of cutting edge microtomography systems for mineralised tissue research and heritage science imaging.

David is working towards a comprehensive online open access catalogue of CT scans of teeth of as many species as possible, with the aim of enabling collaboration, investigation and analysis of developmental and morphological features across a wide range of disciplines.

David is a supervisor for PhD, DClinDent and Masters projects and always happy to hear from prospective students. 

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